Uranus logo by Proctologist
Uranus logo by Proctologist
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ASScii - Proctologist Sysop - Proctologist
Smash it! .
--------------circumcise here---------------------------------------ouch!--
Uranus...phear it! And everyone elses for that matter. : Alrighty, one of
my better ones. Im definatly pleased with this one.
Well seen as how Im new to this group I figured Id put some of my better work
from this month in the Transmission pack rather than my other group, SeNsE. Youknow, just to show what Ive got. : Download SeNsE pack 3 to see the rest of
my work for this month.
. - - ---proctologist-- - - .
Pestiferous Alright, alright, stop bugging me, Ill join! : Now I just wish
Id joined from the begining. :
Mooks If Im thinking corectly youre the only other ascii artist in the group
arent ya? Lets kick some ass! : BTW, is Goth gonna be back up?
Unseen Demon Like I said in the SeNsE pack... I dont know why you greeted me
last month butt since you did, Ill greet you back. :
The FixX I need sound blasters...
Everybody else in Transmission Keep up the good work. Who wants an ASScii?
Everybody in SeNsE Yup, Im now in 2 groups!