Whodini's Magik by Misfit
Whodini's Magik by Misfit
:::::::::::.dP.sdb,.l. . * s .
::::::::::.d.sdbq .d b.
:::::::::..l. wh0dinis magik
::::::::: dlb. ----------- s. .q -::::::::: . s . . , x
::::::::. ll
:::::::: l. trank!ascii.. making the competition go
:::::::: d.l bald and scream like a little girl.
:::::::: l,P
:::::: ,..Y.*,.,sdbss,. this is a menu template for wh0ds::::: qSsb,.YP,sdSbq. board whodinis magik what a::::: l.lbs,.,sd clever name :. anyway, this:::::.S,dSSb.SP thing marks my return to trank,::::::::. .SSbq,. and dammit, im happy. respect out:::::::::: Y Ybs,. ta basic ascii for actually bringing::::::::::.q. . YS us some competition.. w00h00. hi guys.::::::::::: l .,. : .
:::::::::.q.. .ds., ., ,s and m33ps out ta all muh apathy buds.::::::: .Sl .sl:q
::: .,s . P .dl --------------.,sqd . . .,dS q.
.si: sb. .,sqd ascii by misfit trank!ascii
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