-------- A Little Introduction to Red Dogs 2 by Whodini --------
Shit.... Its not supposed to happen this way. Another job gone bad. I
looked out the window, police cruisers surrounded the building. Hiro and I
looked at each other with a shocked look. Damn, looks like they are not
going to give up the diamonds this time either. I called out to Officer
Bob. We want a fucking police hellicopter in the parking lot to take us
out of the country in 5 minutes. I did not think they would actually bring
us what we wanted, but it bought us some time. When the copter arrived, five
minutes later, Hiro and I exchanged one last glance. three... two... one...
fuckem... Hiro pushed the red button on the remote. The parking lot, the
chopter, and the police were engulfed in bright red flames from the explosion.
Damn, lets go get a taco. ... Whodini tRANK!aSCII