this file was leeched from...
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,ggSSgg, ,ggSSgg, ggSgg, ,ggSSSgg,
o ,d gg
:: ,doP g ::: ::: g S ::
:: ,dP ggggg g ::: gg gg ::: gg ::
SgggS SS SggggSS
---- phreak zone -------------------------------------------------------------
br ,db,gggP,db,
,g ,ggggd g,
, TP,bTP ,
,db ,dbggSS
d b
- cia pack xx - month year -
---- cia fileid.diz ---------------------------------------------------------
,ggSSgg, TP ,ggS
::: g ::: ggggg ::: :::
::: g ::: gg gg ::: :::
SS ggg SggggSS
---- oil productions ---------------------------------------------------------
ggg ,gg
,ss, ,ss, g
ll ll ,sSSs, ,ss,
illlli illlli gg
iiii iiii ll ll
g gg g illlli illlli
gggggggggggg iiii iiii
g gg g
---- hackers hangout ---------------------------------------------------------
,gg ,gg ,gg ,gg ,gg ,gg ,gg
@gg@ @gg@ @gg@ @gg@ @gg@ @gg@ @gg@ @gg@
gg ,g ,a
,gg g gg, g gg gg
o oo o o
---- fluph bbs ---------------------------------------------------------------
leeched from . ..
S@s, ,s@SS@s ,s@SS@s
+------ o -- g -- gggd -----+
gg S@s g
+------ -- oo -- gg g -----+
SSoo gg SSoo
SS br
---- tpc ---------------------------------------------------------------------
wh00p. heyllo once again. . .i hope you liked my colly and greets go out to
loi, rawtoxic, mSd, kHz, cool t, dark savior, zarkof, and everyone else on irc.
cya next month! btw, you want a ascii? ask me, i might be up to do it.