1997 Spring Artiphakts News by TL Senior Staff
1997 Spring Artiphakts News by TL Senior Staff
TL19971.ZIP The Teklordz Artipha
kts: 1997 Spring Quarterly Edition
Teklordz has always made a conscientious effort to rise a
bove the herd in
the art scene, so for this release, we bid adieu to m
onthly releases! In-
stead of monthly releases, we have decided to release quarter
ly: in
Spring March, Summer June, Fall September, and Winter
Why the change to a quarterly release schedule?
The change was made for a number of reasons:
* Most of us were busy with school or work for mo
st of the year, and we
wanted to be able to ensure that each release was not only
of the utmost
quality, but innovative and creative. On a monthly releas
e schedule,
a lot of us found it difficult to not only draw but think
of spiff ideas
for our art.
* To ensure quality and uniqueness of each artwor
k. I was beginning to
notice that although there were lots of good up and coming
artists in
the scene, the creativity was lacking: each artwork of a
certain art-
ist had the tendency to look like all their other artworks
... it was
somewhat boring. :
* We also wanted to work on special Teklordz rele
ases, that is, releases
outside of the Artiphakts. A monthly release schedule did
nt allow
much time to experiment with other ways of presenting our
work, we
felt that there was barely enough time to finish a few rea
lly good works,
let alone do anything else! After all, computer art isnt
just about
pumping out drawings for the packs, its about having fun
in your
medium, being able to explore not only your own medium but
artistic venues as well!
A word about diversity: If you have already taken th
e time to view this
pack, you might have noticed that there are a disproportionat
e amount of
hi-rez works. This doesnt mean that progress for Teklordz e
quals hi-rez
we are simply trying to flood Teklordz ranks with computer a
rtists of
diverse artistic backgrounds. We welcome any ANSI or RIP art
ists that
have a fondness for artistic exploration! Its just that lat
ely, its
been difficult to find good ANSI or RIP artists that actually
want to
hook up with us.
What is Encore? Encore is the rebirth of the Teklord
z music division.
The changes to Teklordz did not only include its art division
but its
music division as well! Imode, Brass Monkey and Inner Vision
are still
in Encore, but we also welcome to the group, Centurion
, a North American
musician who has of recent raised some eyebrows in Cruel Crea
tors bi-
weekly internet music compo, Cruelization.
Before I conclude, Id like to officially welcome the
following artists
to Teklordz:
Aristote, an ANSI artist from Quebec,
Kyosuke, a ANSI artist from Hawaii,
Made, a French pixel vga artist,
Mordecai, an ANSI, VGA and RIP artist,
Optic, a Norweigan pixel artist,
Silvertoon, an ANSI artist from Sweden with a semi-to
ony style.
Also, we dropped Inner Vision from Encore because of
We hope you enjoy our Spring edition, and hope that you will
anticipate each future Teklordz release!
Teklordz Productions Senior Staff
March 25, 1997.
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