KFC by Ill Communikation
KFC by Ill Communikation
filename: ik-kfc1.ans name: KFC
greetz: christopher robin - pb - ss - rk poogie - cowboy - reznor - carol! If you would like an ansi for your bbs you can contact me on IRC or at my box.. 157-7672@tnet.bt.quake.com.... latez.. productionz
k f
Op: Christopher Robin
Affils: iCE, Spastic, Remorse, TeKLoRDZ, Asia
Ansi: Ill Communikation
CuT HeRe LaMe-OGreetz: crtl: got it done quick, huh? Enjoy!
stc: wow thanx fer that one font! quickie!
sinned: iz this the warez ACiD??
piratebox: good luck!