SAUNAinfo by mx & warpus
SAUNAinfo by mx & warpus
atomic towels and steamy vowels
Hear that sizzle?, see the steam?, can you see the droplets of water drip off
that towel? das right baby, its time to let that font fizzle and sizzle for
the masses.
Long hung towels are handed out to all our guests in the sauna, but if youre
feeling slightly cheeky you can always take one of our complimentary face towelsthey are about 25 lines long.
I know the pack has been delayed several times, and its not my fault, honestly
The reason it was delayed was that the sauna malfunctioned and the steam just
wasnt rising, this was a good thing though, the intensity and the buildup
created an environment for pure sexfont and saunahotness that nobody can deny
in this pack.
So take a load off, grab a towel and sit with us in the sauna, enjoy what we
have to offer.. and if youre reading this ungennant.. youre not allowed here.