May Ninteen Ninety Five...
Well it has been another fun filled month for tDD. After the release
of the last sixpak the response was quite encouraging. We thank you again
for downloading the May sixpak and hope you will enjoy viewing the works
listening to the awesome tunes of our musicians.
This month has been a bit slow for everyone because of exams other
busy things that our members do...Like actually dating for once instead of
staying home and facing the screen putting these colorful blocks into many
fun patterns. But nonetheless, we still have put together another great
sixpak. People have always asked me why we call them sixpaks, well beside
the fact that I love vball, its also because we offer 6 kinds of artforms
in these paks. We offer ansi, ascii, rip, vga, music, and coding. Most of
our diehard fans should know that we have a 7th thing to offer also,anyone
know what it is? Lets just say it requires me writing a lot. eheh,Ok now
time for some group news.
New members this month are....
Sudden Impact, Hes interning with us at the moment and is willing to spend
some time to learn and practice ansi drawing. Good Potential.
Kurse, Former head of a small group in the midwest, he has decided to give
tDD a hand. He does nice ansis and ascii fonts. Enjoy his work this month!
New boards this month are....
KFC, it will be up soon, sysop is Christopher Robin, iCE, spastic, teklordz
remorse, and asia. Now tDD Southern Hub. AC410
Evil Intentions, Home of Shiver Productions, sysop BetrayerShiver. Shiver
blade, integrity, spastic, and many more. Now tDD West Hub. AC408
Savage Exile, Canadas most awesome Artboard. sysop Critical Illusion. Many
great affils and nets. Now tDD Canadian Hub. AC905
The Shattered Lands, is back up after being down for 9 wks and has now been
given courier hub status.
Projekt Insanity ,Napalm Cocktail, Crimsom Waters and Mayo have been added
to our growing number of distribution sites.
Cable, Awesome vga artist of ACiD and CORE joined us last month and after I
saw his works, it just blew me away. He has been promoted to Vga Head.
iodine, Longtime favored ansi artist of tDD who made it to shiver for a bit
is now in ACiD. His continuing work as a tDD senior member will not be cut
of. He has always been faithful to our cause wether Shiver or ACiD he will
always be a valued senior member. He is now head of our Ansi department.
Netman, our longtime valued senior member is our only rip artist and now he
is the new head of the Rip department.
Verminator, Awesome musician has been promoted to Music department head for
his dedication to making great tunes.
Future plans.....
tDD is planning to continue to expand and grow,were still looking for more
talented and dedicated people. As you can see were more than just art....
Were here to make some good for the scene were here to encourage people
to think about where their life is headed, and maybe give them a little bit
of help from above.
Immediate Future.....
Im working on getting Cardiac Arrest, former Union senior, to work with us
as he keeps on telling me.. that hes too busy.
Shock Wave, Premier Vga artist of ACiD productions is pondering whether or
not to join us. He has been quite busy lately, but it looks pretty good so
you might see his works in future sixpaks.
Perhaps a megademo over the summer. Project will be headed by Odysseus and
Mindbender..utilizing tDD artworks and music.
Far future.....
To be able to get our paks to the four corners of the globe. The gospel of
love and salvation must reach those who need it most, but have you wondered
if you are one of those who needs it? May the Lord reveal to you in time...
Artist of the month.....
Talamius, who has been with the group for 3 months now and has been working
his arm off to prove that he can improve make many valuable contributions
to the group. He has been releasing consistently at least 5 ansis per pack
and at least 4 music files per pack. Congradulations tS!
Thought of the month.....
Ever wonder why a ship carries Cargo and a car carries Shipments or did you
ever wonder why if smoking was prohibited near gas stations, why they sell
Romans 8:28 For we know in all things God works for the good of those who Love
him, who have been called according to his purpose
Until the next sixpak.. God Bless,
the dirty dozen newsletter!
m a y 1 9 9 5