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iParent 1.0:EVE
Thank you for investing in iParent 1.0:EVE. Your satisfaction is our guarant
ee here at Blocktronics.
iParent 1.0:EVE will replace your most basic parenting functions and more
Feedings, all ages
Changing babies
School work
Bully counseling
Getting dressed, all ages
Stimulating lights, sounds, vocal pattern
Robotic Affection, patented soft tissue design and heat production
Bill management
Pre-programmed life lessons
Select a career path
Remove child from area during spousal or partner conflict iParent makes one compliment for every negative parental comment Post-birth abortion for previously unknown handicaps Sexual gratification of post pubescent human
Optional penis attachment
With iParent 1.0:EVE you will be able to keep your focus on what is truly
important in your life. For example
Quickly respond to texts
Level your gaming characters relentlessly, max level in minimum time
Remain focused on your favorite television programs
No longer cook, benefits self-explanatory
Stay on Facebook even longer or always
iParent 1.0:EVE Pre-programmed counseling
Academic advising
Gain popularity
Teen pregnancy and abortion benefits
Career counseling
Moral relativity
Psychiatric and mental health
Suicide intervention
Marriage counseling
Grief counseling
Existential counseling
Sex with anyone, anything is normal
Tolerating everything but intolerance
Atheism, purposelessness, and why you should continue to live
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Aaron Frick