spider man by fever
spider man by fever
little miss muffet sat on a tuffet ..
..eating her curds and whey..
..along came a spider...
..sat down beside her...
..and scared little miss muffet away.
fter a quick blow job
Peter swings into action!
ut where is his enemy?!
Spidey Senses!!!
the creep fever!
Spiderman , spiderman , does whatever a spider can! The Creep Fever Revival 4
Original character art by Todd Mcfarlane! A Mcfarlane/Fever Joint!@!@!@!@!!!2k2 Since its the year 2002 and this is officially my largest ansi ever I thought
id make some shout outs to some cool guys on this much joyous occasion!@
Bill...ZII...UT..ZV..AVG..ChrisL..SK..DY. all of revival , lure , jasper. Keep
up the good work guys. Telnet to piranha.zapto.org.......greets..hood..........