7Contest I Results!
The new 7Contest or 7Contest II is explained below all this madness.
In the first vii release, number one, the sinister El Diabolix Tainted
stole all of the color from our fileid.diz! If you remember you were
asked to color it , and color it you did, the winner recieves, a
wonderful pic from the ansi fairy himself, Reanimator and the always
better of any two evils, the creep Fever!@*! WOOO! RIGHT? WOO!
Here were the wonderful submissions below!
- First off we got catch 22s remastering.
fever drew this and catch22 shaded it.
- Then we got enzo showing his color by number 7 skills.
shading by enzo!glue
- Below youll find a wonderfully shaded ansi by internal.
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- MidKnights fat mom is on www.sluts.com and his phat ansi is below.
- Can you believe it? Shading by Quip!@
outline by fever7, re-shaping/shading by quipglue
- DyingSoul bears it all!
- Fever
In 2009 The Night Angel TNA went back and recolored this diz, he wins.
we are not afraid, el taintedx diabolix!
tna vii i
Thanks to everyone who helped save the planet and color the diz,
Rainbow Bright would be proud. In Filths opinion best job coloring
goes to Enzo, of the Glue ANSi Group!@ CONGRATS ENZO! YOU DA MAN!
If you disagree, take it up with Filth tippergore@hotmail.com.
Everyone did a sweet job heres a preview of the prize enzo will be
recieving below, along with a tip ampland.com rules for all of your
free pornography needs *wink* . If you have anything good to say
about this contest or future contests direct them to Fever.
Thanks again.
Enzos Prize..... a preview when it was in progress, may be finished now.
a 80x50 line mode ansi from the ansi wizard himself reanimator!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats all for 7Contest I.
Ok, 7Contest II! WoO! Number two! Theres another one! YaY! HoorAy!
I fever was sitting there one night working steadily on the vii2 info
and member shit when all of a sudden, well, i got up all of a sudden to
get a drink of water. I came back and proceeded to draw the infofile
ansi, it was nearly finished, i had put effort into it and my work was
nearly done, i was as excited as a hungry piglet with a mothers milky
tit in my mouth. Then all of a sudden , out of no where, my nephew came
into the room and layed down, it didnt effect the ansi in any way, im
just trying to explain how the events went. Well, i was sitting there and
then, BOOM , my neighbor shoots his damn gun , which startled me a bit. I
may have hit a key or something but it had no real effect on the ansi.
So it turns out sometime later i wasnt finished yet, i was just getting
really going on the best shading job id ever done, comparible to nothing
id ever done before.. and next thing i know, all i see on my screen is
Your computer has been hax0red by the TNT Computer Mafia! NOOOOOOO!
I said, what does this all mean!? TCM , What does this mean!!?? I go and
look at my ansi, and all the color had been erased, the tcm had truly done
a bad thing, we should hang our head in silence for a nanosecond. I must
ask for your help though, PLEASE restore the color to the infofile and
return it to me.. the best one gets a prize, you know the deal step to it.
Email : fever@wmis.net DCC : feverella on efnet ICQ : 30256665
I made it easy on everyone, just shade the character, you may get bonus
points for doing a background or anything else creative, lets see what
you can do.
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