the creep fever 1996
1997 was the year i entered the scene. 1996 was when fever started. I was
only on local boards sydney, australia and even back then i knew who fever
was. he made that much of an impact on a 16 year old kid all the way in
Sydney.. think about that for a minute.. no internet.. and i knew who fever
was.. upon finally meeting him online, i saw how great of a guy he was,
even if he has the hots for my sister.. - AVG
tcf Thanks to Avenging Angel Ivan Segaric for his amazing TCF header
ANSi and his comments. Ivan has been a good friend of mine for
years. I have watched him develop from a very good font artist
around y2k into arguably the best fontist ever, however, very
capable of creating excellent pics with a style that is as
unique and identifiable as you would expect from a legendary
ANSi artist.
I grew up in a household in West Michigan 616 with mom and four
or 5 sisters. My mother worked hard on 3rd shift at an automobile
factory to make ends meet and provide for us. As a 14 year old
in 1994 I wanted nothing more than a PC. At this time they seemed
Mom, somehow,
for some reason, bought us a 486, Pentium 66 with 16 Megs
of Ram and a 528MB HDD in January 1995. A supercomputer.
Although, Im sure that..
her doing things like this is the reason the bill collectors were
always calling the house. My first purchase for this PC was
DOOM II. I played it religiously, ironically. I started talking to
kids at school about my PC and through my conversations I was
told how to use the modem to connect to local Bulletin Boards.
Being the nerd that I was I was enthralled with the idea of
playing text mode fantasy games on someone elses computer from mine.
I played LORD and USURPER every night at midnight on a couple of
local PD Public Domain boards for all of 1994-1995. The funniest
thing about this is I used Microsoft Works terminal to connect
all of that time. At least it supported ANSi but it was similar to
the fucked up ANSi you see today telnetting in Windows 8. There
are a few things I will never forget about my early days of
BBSing. The sound of the modem connecting, obviously. The first
appearance of ANSi screens and scrollers at dial up speeds.
The stress to make the post to call ratio on local boards so I
could play their door games, lol. Anyway, after several months, I
began discovering more BBSs because my LORD addiction had
become a heroin problem.
My first ANSi for the non-local scene was drawn for Humid in April
1996. I had started drawing ANSi for local sysops in prior to this.
I had not seen an actual art pack or ANSi scene BBS.
My artwork was miserable by any standards and as a 15 year old
I wasnt as talented as some others I would soon discover. Around
February 1996 a local sysop showed me ACiD packs, my mind was WTF
*BLOWN* that the things I was looking at could be done with the
blocks and colors I had limited experience with. I already had a
passion for artwork, so I knew I had to be a part of the ANSi
art scene and combine my passion for art with my passion for
this new technology of personal computing. This lead me to begin
calling BBS numbers from artpacks, especially the 616 area code.
The first local art board I remember calling was Cytral Skunks
AcidOpium. If you remember, the 616 in West Michigan was a pretty
good scene area code with the likes of Cytral, Magnatop, Lagomorph,
Rai, Splatt, and more, basically the Eclipse crew. I was different
When I first saw an artpack and attempted to draw I just ripped
the original artist, I knew nothing about the art scene. I knew
nothing about scene politics and etiquette. I had been copying
pencil drawings from comics my whole life so I thought it was
the same thing to reproduce art from these packs. I specifically
remember ripping this Eerie font.
I cant remember what I changed the word ACiD to but I didnt
change much. I uploaded it to Cytral Skunks BBS Acidopium to
show the artists there.
Big mistake.
Lagomorph called me at home considering he had my number from his
BBS and tore me apart for being a ripper. I really didnt know what
he was talking about but I listened to him and was educated. I
was also accused of ripping a couple of other ansis but I really
didnt. I remember him saying something like Theres no way you
started drawing this week and you drew this. So as badly as that
phone conversation went and as much as he ripped me apart I
walked away from it thinking, Im good. Hahaha. Always absurdly
overconfident. Due to being blacklisted or embarrassed in my own
area code I started calling long distance art boards. I happened
to call Flames BBS X-Files in Kentucky, he soon changed the name
to Rare Soma, then Neon Pizza. I paged the sysop around a million
times and he finally picked it up. Flame was and indescribably
cool kid. He gave me ACiDDraw so I could stop using TheDraw and
WildCat! Draw for WC BBSs. He taught me some techniques, talked
to me, and invited me to his group Rile, changed the name to Humid.
That night I drew this, my first ANSi for the international ANSi
art scene!
tcf Slayer! It was my door game name. Notice the random shadies and
half circles just like today! Also a Chromatik cloud on the font.
its damp ..
its Humid ... slayer@humid96
its buff call it
humid member board
sop fatslayer
tcf My boy Magnatop gave me the nickname Fever, my second ANSi was
for his BBS Iron Lung. He actually used this ugly fucking mess.
I remember a oneliner from Lagomorph when I called saying Do
we have to look at that ugly piece of shit scroller every time
we log on? Lago always made me feel wonderful. But I agreed.
This is a really bad attempt at a good looking girl with Flames
advice and my really shitty attempt at copying his styles.
-- lung
order mem
0p Mgnat0p
handle UN user 11D access SL
calls UC
uploads UL downloads DL
What a cool FV header!
woO a pic from the mind of fever?!
+o internal stalker
hemp gate
tcf Worm hair + floating head! GSO
evil intentions
Ss. S, .i
. b
Ss,. sSsssss..,sd i
i. Ss,.s.. l
Ss. ..ils i Ss.
trank i s,.
.ss sS S@s,.ii Ess .
dsp s. sS ..Ss,.S is .s..ss
Ss, si s ,Sl i l ,S..sS
b S. ii sss.
. S. b, .d,isisi l
, ...,,,ss sss,,,.... ....,,,,ssssss,,,,.... . .i
sSSfever SSss
tcf Apparently I wanted to see how many times I could use f9.
**the neon pizza. its neat. **1-606-277-8324.
the board is fresh, hip, and friendly. call it.
font flame
pic fever samsara will never die in my eyes
tcf WHat? Its funny that you can see my style in my first pics. Even
if the subject is really, really, really, stupid. I kind of like
those early fonts though like this Eldorado font. IDK why.
eldorado fever
tcf Most of my early fonts were inspired by Dieznyik and Flame.
Mostly Flame, he talked to me all the time and made a tutorial
for me. http://www.sixteencolors.net/pack/hmd-0596/FL-TUT231.ANS
cool dudes inc. fever
im not much of a logo dood but im bored so here ..
an g r y
EVERLASTing Couriers fv ophid
EVERLASTing Couriers fv
amorphous emag
fever arsen
distorted dreams
commands or some thin
D d distorted dreams +o forge e E
tcf I guess Arsen and I were besties this is joint 2 but I cant
remember him at all anymore.
ae m e s s a g e
fv- SAUCE00 mEW! arsen / fever ophidiac
h 2 o
h a p p y l a n d
. acid , ice , cia , revival , icon
noname , codine , and cenobite .
raider , unwritten law , napalm
digital interface , burning chrome
THEMADMANINSIDEMESa a @s@,, , .,asm .,s@SSsa,,. s, ,s sa, @s,.@sa ,s s, ,,ss@, @s ,,@s ,. s, 4 ,,@s SS iiii, ii iii. , , i ss, .ss , ii, isa s. sS iii ,s iiiii ,. s, ,s iiii , ,sS, ,s iii sa@s,,.,s ii, ,iii@ ,iiS Sii ,SSS @ SS S S S . S , SSs aS@ sSa Sa asSa ii, SSSsSs sS ,S, a d iS as S@ ,ii ii ,S .,aii ii ..,a@, s,. sss i@s,. @i ii@, Ss iii isa@ii a, Siiiii , iis, ii , si, ii i ,s,S i iiii .miis .,s@ s S dSsa ,. . .. .,,aa@a s i . .,,sss .,s@, , , ,,S, a ,, sS, S@ Ss a a, ,s @,ii a, ,s
ss s, SS, , eSs @,.@as@ss sss S@ss ess e@s, @@s, SSS,@@s,. ,s@S@ssss@S SSs. , , S ii, i iiii, iis S s s, s . ,s ss s a s S ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sa :::::::::::::::::..................................... . fva .................
s, .,aa,. S ia,
is @ a .,,. , a,..sai . , S
sS. s .s,. s s, ,as@.s., ii
@, S s Ss s s i s.,s sai S sSa aSa , s,., , ,ii s, Sa, .,sS, s . , Ss ,.s ,@s2,,. .,s,. .ss,..,.. s ss, , Ss,. .,,@
.a . S ,
sS, , a .,a .a ii
, @s,. .,Ss
. a, . .sa@ssss@S fv,s
this has been a production brought to you by fever and flame of humid. woah..
its already summertime. coolish, i suppose. :
fever did: main pic, and logo.
flame did: rounding on everything, shading, and background on pic.
do art for rage
humid 96 ..
cia j
a matrix for my pal flame .,: or anyone ,with a bbs named Rare Soma
fv apply
dont know why
Contact me on flames rare soma ,f3s fl0p ,rais ffg etc,.,
angry alice
tcf Popeye? What in the hell?
h 2 o
tcf Early Todd Mcfarlane rip.
ree oke
tcf Late 1996 I did a few original nude 25 liners for Tits n Ass
sauce editor and I was bombarded with requests for naked ansis.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------skel : finally ehh
greats .. flame, ellisdee, ky, diez, hellbeast, magnatop, lago, and cheeze ..
h h ot w o r m ss ss
ascentt t t t
.,angry alice,.
i seriously think that says alice .. crazy ehh ..
ansi by feverj
system sysadmin
skullfish breed
tcf Klexical was Dieznyiks creation where original artists from the
scene would break away from groups and release original solo packs.
This idea spawned the release of his ZXICA solo release. He was
always innovating. Original ANSi art was uncommon, usually bad,
and all-original releases unheard of.
n n n nneon pizza a a
neon pizza
neon pizza fv
over here
angry alice
fever +o m7
atomekas bleak
i drew this for the local pd board , i dont think the kidsll use it its not
WildCat! enough for them ..
tcf A bunch of fonts based on Flames font tutorial. All drawn in one
o o ou tt t o ooff f f
menu or something?
fv neosporin
trips poo oop
fevers a n gry
k it ty
tcf Nearing the end of 1996.
acidb a t h
no control
oh yeah .. this november dont forget ..
for more information call
tcf Starting to understand the medium a little more. Heres a Dale
Keown comic rip from Incredible Hulk.
c i a
Creators o Intense Art j