digitize horror?! ha? by cREEPING dEATH
digitize horror?! ha? by cREEPING dEATH
hi there! at last... i found my self a logo!
instead of that smily! ok... thiz iz my best
ansi so far and its a real difrent from all da
other i made... u dont wanna know how much time i spent on thiz one... anyway. i started making amixs, heavy amixs.. so if u need one... all ya
gotta do is have attitude. +972.8.265.227 is da
numba. im realy looking for a co in my board, so
if ya intrested just kall... tough shading thiz
damn ansi.. try,u wont succed! zya... Cd!08/11/95!
creeping death tatoo!
.digitize horrorzero-seven dwtatoo whqwarp member boardfuck dist. .incharge: creeping death....outcharge: piper n the highlander. .danumba:nineseventwoeighttwosixfivetwotwoseven.
.kids,dont try thiz at home!.