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yeah. leave this. . ...........::. ll........ .. .
. : :b.
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this is uh zs and black jack and we just fininshed a joint using tetradraw
Yea, tetradraw is great. Everyone should install Linux draw with it.
i thought you hated tetradraw, Mr. FUCK TETRADRAW??? I kinda.. well
hahaha fear my REDN3ZZZ its too buggy and shit. Its good kinda, but,
Hes ITs just so different
so anyway lemme plug system2. using red to cover ----
www.systemii.org up his impotence. UNF UNF. : Wanna save?
ok ok, and.and MIMIC!ats not what your mom said :
mimic, FINE. www.mimic.ca -- oops, haha
Oh yea, white Black Jack, Red Zerostar, just
so every-
and the red symbolizes my love for pot. FUCK YOU SXE. one
his menstral cycle. sp. knows Im st-
Hahahah, yea wahtever punk. raight
hahahaha :
anyway im gonna put this in system2, and you put it in mimic. this is cool.
Alright, woop. Oh wait, before
Just wanna say.. Zs did most of i
t I just well, I dunno, I didnt
... i think were done. do much, except some
yeah save, i will too.ser..asjjisaioj heh. curving or whatever.
yea, lemme save.
he gave it that black jack touch
Okay. yea.. haha