some say we dont deserve this earth we.walk upon
some say we dont deserve the air we : breathe...
jb. .*
* .d:. : * ,
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l : *, @p. ./ .d:7 jb. ll
. .LL .d l:dL d*. : / ./ ,,*.dS@p.*. l l ** :* .q@L : : .d7 l.q@S: :* P ,l *// .d ll ii b. : .d :: ./ .** L b.*SS* l. : * . .* i : S:
: systemii ascii design
release 1
*. zerostar providing the newschool technique, aesthetic with that
/. oldschool flavor. were gonna take ascii to a new level.
.d hey, zeros here. i got the net back, and im back in the
.q@S scene for good sort-of. im going to austria a few months
* first though, so aesthetic is going to take care of shit until
7@p. i get back. hope you enjoy the artwork, peace out - zeros.
L greets remorse and mimic, vade79, produkt, abstrakt, teeare,
tribal, sekwence, kaeslogic, ionz, cain, spearfx, cmang,
: asreal, slackzor, t-bob, and cat-dog.
lL so i guess im gonna turn it over to aesthetic.
:P wOrd, hey jerry, is this on? anyways, you all remember me,
:7 aesthetic from that 4 hit wonder that i like to call legacy.
ll well ever since legacy died or was murdered ive kind of
b.* been a real group slut in mimic and true. i havent really
been active in the ascii scene since legacy died but now
@p. thats going to change. system2 - this is my new real home,
,q@L because i have the freedom to draw whatever i want, along side
d: one of the best artists today - zerostar. we didnt come
* here to own, we came hear to teach. b. .* .q@S@p.:@p. .d: . sys dL . * .qp. *b. .dS@p .q@S@p.. db *b. */S@p.* * .*. l:l:: lS*.q@SS@pb. :: : * :b.*@@*.lq@S@p. .*.dP.d ***@@***@*/ . .@*. : * ** .qS7* ,d7.q@NFO DESIGN BY ZEROS : .dl .q@S ll 7: 7* :: :7 */b, /.
7b. * // 7 *