ANSi Colly 12! by Trippah
ANSi Colly 12! by Trippah
t e e a h h h r
A N S i C o l l y
welcome to another teeahr ansi colly! i hope you enjoy this one as much as
my last one, if not better. telsta has been kind to us, and making their
phone line installation for only 1/2 of the original price for this month!
so, yeah! i got myself a line and will soon have a small bbs indeed. if yo
want to give it a call, dial 613-9816-9771.. i should be getting the line
on the 29th of july, and i have started on the bbs already!
so, here goes the info. youll need if you need an ansi for yourself!
via email:
via bbss: Mur Systems -- 613-9844-2185, Decaying BBS -- 613-9816-9771
via netmails: i scan through Madness network and FoRcEnEt
D e c a y
d e c a y
da eastern citys addict youths
R e q u e s t
r e q e s t
a n s i
This program is set to send a email to Trippah System Operator, asking him
for an ansi for your own purpose. If you got here by accident, please press
ESC now or otherwize, press any other key to continue.
P o l y e s t a h
P o l y e s t a h