Synthetic Pack 11 Members by Synthetic
Synthetic Pack 11 Members by Synthetic
Synthetic Organization once started with four digital artist living
in melbourne, australia. we began releasing our artwork during september
1996. we have packs as big as 4 disk release, however, we think thats a
little too tad big for just an art pack, so we are simply keeping it to
a maximum of 2 or 3 disk releases.
if you do any kind of digital art, it would be wiked if you join synth
for your further releasing group. if you feel like joining us, please
run SC-APP.EXE included in this pack, and upload the application form to
via email:
via bbs: mur systems on 61-3-9844-2185
decaying bbs on 61-3-9816-9771
we will garantee that you will not regret it!
Trippah --
SydWaters --
Abyss -- no email address at present
Ataxia -- no email address at present CRoNiK --
Colt -- no email address at present
Essence -- no email address at present
Isotone -- Liquid Grey --
Mez52 -- no email address at present
Pure Filth -- no email address at present SydWaters --
Transperant -- no email address at present Trippah --
WaRP! -- no email address at present
Caddy --
Genocide --
iCeBuRG --
Pot --
Lonestar --
Affiiation Board Name Nodes Board Number Operators
World Headquarters Mur Systems 1 node 61-3-9844-2185 SydWaters
Oz Headquarters Decaying BBS 1 node 61-3-9816-9771 Trippah
Belgium Headquarters The Asylum 2 nodes 32-59-324-094 Sike/Kriz
Croatian Headquarters Matter Pound 1 node 385-1-215-132 Matter
Finland Headquarters Haciend E.B. X node 0055-Phone!Sex //. h7
German Headquarters Brain Damage 2 nodes 49-221-4994017 WarHawk
Italian Headquarters Midnight Scream 1 node 39-552-855-716 Technolord
Swiss Headquarters Burning Desire 1 node 41-62-8274118 Cockroach
UK Headquarters Chronic Organism 1 node 44-161-4278214 Poison
Vic/oz Outpost Midian 1 node 61-3-9527-5873 Wolverine
Vic/Oz Outpost Pschyotic Rev. 1 node 61-3-9558-7366 Rippa
Vic/oz Outpost Cheese Factory 3 nodes 61-3-9801-0614 Fluff
Vic/oz Outpost Digital Addiction 1 node 0055-Phone!Sex Phantom
SE.Vic/Oz Outpost Refraction 1 node 61-3-597-14723 Nutbutter
SE.Vic/Oz Outpost Siesta 1 node 61-3-596-83880 DeathStroke
Syd/oz Outpost Staesis 2+nodes 61-2-983-2403 Cyntax
Brazilian Outpost Sliced Mutation 1 node 0055-Phone!Sex Awakening
NOTE!: If your board is listed as a Headquarter of Synthetic, please
Download all Synthetic Packs from either:
ftp --
bbs -- Mur Systems, Decay BBS
Home Page -- currently not responding ..
Ftp Site -- currently not responding ..
Member Sites --
c Synthetic Members 1997
If yo are not in the Members List, Apply for your position in Synthetic TODAY!