Synthetic Pack 10 Contents by Synthetic
Synthetic Pack 10 Contents by Synthetic
file/directory name description
A: Trips Floppy Drive
B: Trips Floppy Drive
C: Trips Hard Drive
D: Trips CD-ROM Drive
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0697CONT.ANS19k Synthetic pack Ten contents
0697MEMB.ANS28k Synthetic pack Ten members
0697NEWS.ANS10k Synthetic pack Ten news
CT-RAGE.ANS4k Colts Raging Ansi!
CT-THUG.ANS4k Colts Thug!
FILEID.DIZ813b The Dizzy Wizzy
SCAPP.DOC7k Synthetics App.Gen Document
SCAPP.EXE17k Synthetics Application Generator
SCVIEW.DOC7k Synthetics Viewer Documentation
SCVIEW.EXE51k Synthetics Viewer
SYD-GRMR.JPG168k Syds Ghost Armour
SYD-HOLE.JPG182k Syds Barjarg Flyer
SYD-SYN.JPG259k Syds Synthetic Advert 1
SYD-COOL.JPG123k Syds Synthetic Advert 2
TAX-A1.JPG58k Ataxias Self Advert 1
TAX-A2.JPG22k Ataxias Self Advert 2
TAX-DGLM.JPG54k Ataxias Darglim
TAX-GYPT.JPG79k Ataxias Egypt
TAX-HIYA.JPG19k Ataxias Introduction
TAX-NFOG.JPG50k Ataxias Night Fog
TAX-SHNG.JPG56k Ataxias Shenge
TAX-SLGO.JPG83k Ataxias Synthetic Advert
TAX-SRCK.JPG130k Ataxias Rock Lands
TR-AMPC.ANS2k Trips AmpChat Header
TR-CFA.ANS3k Trips Cheeze Factory Advert
TR-ILUDE.ANS24k Trips Interlude Logos
TR-LUDE.ANS13k Trips Interlude Intro
TR-PLEN.ANS1k Trips Page Length
TR-SYN.JPG117k Trips Synthetic Advert
TR-TSPOT.JPG22k Trips Trainspottingc
WRP-1ST!.JPG351k Warps 1st Landscape
WRP-BUBB.JPG243k Warps Bubbles
WRP-CL10.ANS11k Warps Ansi Colly
WRP-HOLE.JPG75k Warps The Hole Advert
WRP-MSYS.ANS2k Warps Mur Systems Advert
WRP-WARP.ANS1k Warps Self Advert
If Any of these files are missing from your archive, you have a
tapmered copy and is suggested that you connect to one of the ftp
sites listed on the members list for the original released archives.
total bytes -- 2,558,650 bytes of HardDisk
total files -- 36 art related files
no. of ansi related files -- 13
size in bytes -- 123,333
no. of ascii related files -- 0
size in bytes -- 0
no. of vga related files -- 18
size in bytes -- 2,293,515
no. of executable files -- 2
size in bytes -- 67,937
other -- 0
size in bytes -- 0
images: X1 X2
data: JSON


  • title
  • Synthetic Pack 10 Contents
  • author
  • Synthetic
  • group
  • Synthetic Org!
  • date
  • 1997-06-25
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 25
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified

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