Warp's Ascii Colly! by Warp
Warp's Ascii Colly! by Warp
o o
Look for the S Look for the S
Io oI
. ooooo ,
s y n t h e t i c
Ok guyz and galz, this is my first ascii colly well any colly really. Hope
you like it. Its me, WaRP! here. I think Im on trial for Synthetic so I gotta
prove to them that Im good enough. Ill be doing ascii and vga for the moment.
BTW, most of this stuff is unrequested, so if you see your BBS or alias on here
then I just done it for the hell of it. If you do like it, I can give you a
copy of it in return for something of yours axs, money, MONEY, MMMOONNEEEYY!!
If youve seen anything in here before, then it might the same thing as before,
just slightly modified. Here you go...
// WRP
Pure Synth, nothing but Synth!
This is just some made up bullshit that I thought of. Might use it as the nam
of my board if it ever gets up and running! :
/ /WRP
,. .,o ,.
oo. oo oo
oo ooWRP
Ummm...this looks a little bit crap
,o. ,o.
..,o., WRP
-----SKuNK FoRCe!------------------------------------------------------------
-----The End------------------------------------------------------------------
Yes, youve reached the end! Dont you just love those asciis of mine?!? You
prolly think I should stick to my vgas. Nah, I dont think so - Im gonna do
both! Thats all for now, see ya in my next pic or colly. If you want a vga or
NFO/add for your board, gimme a messy on MUR Sys telling me the info I need to
know like BBS name, sops, hours, number, NUP/no NUP, NUV/no NUV, etc.
Im WaRP on MUR Sys - doesnt like any !,@, kind of things in ya alias.
- WaRP!