Synthetic Pack 5 Contents! by Synthetic
Synthetic Pack 5 Contents! by Synthetic
file/directory name description
A: Trips Floppy Drive
B: Trips Floppy Drive
C: Trips Hard Drive
D: Trips CD-ROM Drive
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0197CONT.ANS11k Synthetic pack five contents
0197MEMB.ANS11k Synthetic pack five members
0197NEWS.ANS6k Synthetic pack five news
AV96.EXE55k AVViEW AV iNS tm
AVVIEW96.NFO7k AVViEWs documentation
CAD-SNTH.JPG258k Caddys Synthetic Advert
FILEID.DIZ584b The Dizzy Wizzy
PF-MULL.ANS2k Pure Filths Marifana weed
PF-OUTER.ANS4k Pure Filths BBS advert
SC-APP.EXE19k Synthetics Application Generator
SYD-BIKE.JPG176k Syds Bikee artworx
SYD-HEAD.JPG308k Syds Head/Face
SYD-NMB5.JPG483k Syds Synthetic Pack 5 advert
SYD-NONE.JPG242k Syds NoName artworx
SYD-RBBN.JPG340k Syds Ribbon artworx
SYD-SYNT.JPG348k Syds Synthetic advert
SYD-WAR!.JPG282k Syds Robot War engagement
TL-FACE.ANS6k Trip/Liq.Gs lady face
TR-COLLY.ANS9k Trips January colly
TR-COMPO.ANS3K Trips ooZe eMaG compo.
TR-HTARG.ANS4k Trips requested BBS Advert
TR-MSYS.ANS15k Trips Mur Systems MenuSet
TR-RCRL.ANS11k Trips Royal Cruelty requests
TR-REFRC.ANS2k Trips Refraction advert
WRP-ABLE.ASC1k Warps Able ascii
WRP-APPL.JPG50k Warps Evil Apple Clan EAC
WRP-COLL.ASC6k Warps January colly
WRP-GRAF.JPG38k Warps Synthetic advert
WRP-LRDZ.JPG44k Warps Lord Zed logo
WRP-SPIR.JPG143k Warps Spiral imaginator
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total bytes -- 2,680,518 bytes of hard disk
total files -- 31 art related files