Synthetic pack four News! by Synthetic
Synthetic pack four News! by Synthetic
ynthetics december issue, package number three news!
pack four intro!
well this is it. pack four of synthetic released on mur at 00:00am on jan 1st
ninety seven! HAPPY NEW YEARS to all the Synthetic fans!
its been a slow but amazing month. Its currently summer holidays for us livin
in australia so we are all lazing around smoking too many cones for our minds
to handle, although taking a look at the pack, we reach over 3 megs and i
havent even started to collect the art properly yet!
i thank all the members of synthetic who put towards this pack and hope that
it keeps getting better!
i leeched av pack14 a couple of days ago, taking a look at some wiked ansis
and vej.s 3d! if more artists start doing more 3ds stuff just like syds
dead mans jpeg and vej.s non-room, the art scene would pump!
i see that krinkal cant stay away from drawing, however no ansis yet just
rips. we hope he comes back to ansis soon because we all love krinkals ansis
dont we children! one complaint i suppose about the pack and the rest of the
13 is the lateness of the release. they managed to talk themselves out of
releasing it a month later and thats cool but then they manage to also be
2 or more weeks late oh well i suppose it was fluffs first go i think..
members blah!
well not much of a gain or a loss of members as of today, however we did get
two new synthetic sites one in italy and the other back here in australia.
so now, midnight scream will be distrobuting packs in italy and midian will
now help mur along in australia. i thank technolord and wolverine for the
use of their board. there is one notch however, where midian will still be
under the influence of the word private, yes folks, it will still be a
private system where you will need the nup/sys p/w to logon to the bbs.
synthetic and other group packs will although be free of download.
the rest of our boards should be offering synthetic packs for free of d/l
as well as it being a pd public domain bbs.
as i have left school for the year, i no longer have an internet account to
transfer packs across the world unless it was via email which is via midian
and as our last pack pack3 was over 2 megs in size and i wanted to send it
to a few people, i felt i was wasting valuable free space on the hdd.
so i am here to say we need a few couriers who is willing to help me xfer our
packs across the net but however has to be living in melbourne.
we will need to send it to all our boards via email and a few other ftp sites
that are decent or popular. plz, help towards the synthetic foundation.
bright side!
ok cheer up now we are about to talk about the good side of the month now
starting with the art in this pack.
from syd, we see a large quantity of vgas to show this month. he is fucking
sick at the 3d drawing as you can see from the dead man vga.
phoenix has actually started on doing 2d vga and is off at a good start i
think, as i think he only uses photoshop, and hasnt actually learnt that you
can use other programs to enhance the picture. anyway hes done some cool ansis
too which is good to see....
now as for genocide, i havent heard from him for a while now, and the last
time i mailed him was asking about our viewer. hes told me that all is
finnished and that the only thing that needs fixing is the interface which
i was going to ask krinkal to do using rips.. hes also told me that there is
a little 9 level racing game of some sort if i am recalling correctly which
is a sick idea for those boring rainy days. anyhow if i see him before the
release of this pack and we still have time to fix and release on time, the
viewer should be in this pack, if not we will keep you posted in the next
kriz has done a web page and also provided us with a home page site as i said
in the last pack. he also got me the site in italy aswell which i thank him
very much.
mary jane has been in and out of my lungs this month will a shortage of cash
one day then having a million well not quite the next. we all enjoy her
very much and hope she will come back after these 2 gs
trippah who is i have asked fluff to put up a new home page where he had
offered the space for and i created the page. i have not heard from him yet
but if all goes well the new MAIN SYNTHETIC HOME PAGE will be located at --
the endiam!
well thats it for pack 4 stay tuned at your local bulletin board for pack 5
due to be released on the 1st of feb/1997!
synthetic productions is ozs finest! jan97