Synthetic pack four Contents! by Synthetic!
Synthetic pack four Contents! by Synthetic!
S y n t h e t i c p a c k f o u r c - o - n - t - e - n - t - s
file/directory name description
A: Trips Floppy Drive
B: Trips Floppy Drive
C: Trips Hard Drive
D: Trips CD-ROM Drive
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1296CONT.ANS Synthetic pack four contents
1296MEMB.ANS Synthetic pack four members
1296NEWS.ANS Synthetic pack four news
FILEID.DIZ The dizzy wizzy
PHBRI2.JPG Phoenixs briony jpeg
PHMDN!.ANS Phoenixs midian logo
PHPAGE.ANS Phoenixs ex-pager ansi
PHSYN1.JPG Phoenixs Synthetic advert
PHSYNTH.ANS Phoenixs Synthetic advert two
SC-APP.EXE Synthetic Application Generator
SYD-BAT.JPG Syds Robot battle one
SYD-BILI.JPG Syds billy bong smith
SYD-BTTL.JPG Syds Robot battle two
SYD-DMAN.JPG Syds dead man
SYD-DREC.JPG Syds drEam rEcordings advert
SYD-FNS2.JPG Syds fence two
SYD-SIGN.JPG Syds Synthetic Warning SSW
SYD-SYN!.JPG Syds Synthetic advert
SYNTH!.EXE Caddys Synthetic advert
TK-TTN!.ANS Trip/Krls tintin sailor
TR-CFG!.ANS Trips configuration logo
TR-LOCK!.ANS Trips locked out
TR-MFUNK.ANS Trips micro funk
TR-MTX!.ANS Trips micfunk matrix
TR-REF!.ANS Trips refraction bbs advert
TR-SYN!.JPG Trips synthetic jpeg
TR-TERM.ANS Trips trip-comm logo
total bytes -- 2,739,450 bytes of hard disk
total files -- 28 art related files