Synthetic art Pack 3 news! by Synthetic
Synthetic art Pack 3 news! by Synthetic
ynthetics december issue, package number three news!
pack three, we live.
well, its pack three and we have still maintained to release packs without
lateness. Its been an internet month this month with all sorts of people
around the world helping me distrobute synthetic packs. we now have a new
web page and a ftp site here at synthetic. These sites will be updated
every month for your sexual pleasures. We thank Caddy for the use of his
ftp / Kriz for making the web page and getting the web site.
The new Synthetics Internet Sites are..
We still do not have a site over there in the w0rD uP mAN! country, yes
America. If you run a BBS or can distrobute our packs from the internet to
the ACiD world, please get in contact with me via email: or through Madness Net.
id like to congratulate all the members who have put in help towards this
pack as it is only our third pack and it is approx. 1.6 megs which is heaps
compared to avs pack which was only 290k, fORCE only reached 400k...
it just shows how big the vgas are getting thats all.. not that we are too
good or anything
trips operation.
i was held up doing ansis for a week this month as i had to be operated
on my stomache as i had some infection thingie the doc. called as
umbilical sinus/umbilical absess. i thank the doc. and the nurses who
helped me out through the tragic :. i now walk slower than a turtle in
pain. well i just thought you might of wanted to know where i was for the
week to those who missed me :. i am also proud to show off my new finger
long scare to anyone who wishes to take a look see.
victorian art/demo bbq.
as i am typing this a week before the release of da pack, it gets closer
to the bbq party which has been organized by the seniors of av.
i am afaid that i will prolly not be able to make it there again cos of
the operation and its a damn as i was planning to smoke some green and
eat some burnt sausages. i hope all that all goes well and that the 3rd
bbq if there will be one will be the one that i will be able to attend
as it would be nice to meet some ansi nerds like myself.
beep, beep. *FLASH NEWS!*
well thats how dull my life is at the mom. stuck at home. then, hey syd
mentions me a new board which i call and ive traded my bbs for something
green. thnx man! : Dont worry man noone will know who you are :
anyway i thought i might as well tell the people who actually are decent
enough to enjoy our pack.. or mabe your a tba who can do ascii...
beep beep. hi. i am half an hour after typing the paragraph above..
i would just like to say, BIG MISTAKE and i apolozise. ive accidently
made these composery files mm/yy files to one month too fast.. :
so in english, the filesnames 1196memb, 1196cont, 1196news, have been
in a repeat mode since tha last pack..
... or am i talking like chris scase again?
Members and dat.
Even though our packs make over 2 meg of pure madness, and i think thats
decent, i wouldnt mind an increase of members so tha ansi will be long.
what do i hear you say?
is he trying to talk about my digital artistic skills??
well yep. please if ya good run sc-app.exe then upload the *.APP to either
Mur Systems or via internet.
ho ho ho.... Christmas holidays are sooooo sick! sleep in, smoke dope! ahhh..