tm 05 infofile ..
swaptm 06 -
info written 09/2
8/96 by cheeze
yay! another great
turnout! and the two people that
left flame an
d widowmaker gave me plenty of time to
weee! get replacements, and followed t
he rules of when to
blank leave. WOW! this infofile is j
ust a rehash of 05s!!
yeah yeah.. im tired. leave me alone.
rules! i took out the tips sec
tion, mainly because it is
pointless, and i have
no right judging people because
suck myself.. so. on with the show.
first, some general info on swaptm 06:
things ran very smoothly this time, to my suprise. although
we didnt get
started till about 8:30 because of a big discussion over new
file formats we
ended up using the original one.. jeez, and flame and widow
maker left but theytold me.. so it was all good, it
didnt take us a huge amount of time to
complete we were done by 11 .. some of the ansis are prett
y cool, a few suck. oh well.. thats the way things ar
e. yak yak yak..
ok. wow. that was fun. now for the rules and stuff you need
to know:
* swaptm will always be held in swaptm unless other
wise stated by me
* due to the fact that people like to leave, i have come
up with a solution:
dont leave. make sure youll be able to stick around
. and if for some
reason you DO have to leave, let me know between segment
s right after you give
me the ansi you just completed so that i can easily get
a replacement. thanks.
* people limit: 7-9 .. any more, and it would just go on
for ever and ever
oh yeah.. and no stragglers. sorry.
* we will be going back to the original file format of
-xx.ans because it is
much easier and i dont feel like thinking right now or
anytime .. thenumber of the person who star
ted the ansi doesnt change, and xx the number
of the person who worked on the ansi. wow. it really isn
t hard at all.
* everyone in the channel will start an ansi after i go
over the rules and
assign s and work on it for 15 minutes. they will as
sign the ansi the i
give them, and then save it in the new file format. the
n they send the ansis to me, and when i get em all
, ill redistribute them to the next people and
well start drawing again for 15mins. wow..
* no newbies. i know this may seem like a shitty rule, b
ut i have found the
need to impliment it. you have to be pretty good to ent
er you dont have to
be like ld/ck quality AT ALL, just have to have some exp
erience and decent
skills. thanks.
the people that made swap happen:
a big warm kiss goes out to diez,
flame, nail,
widowmaker, trahma, and bviper.
id also like
to thank illx and ld for filling
in on such
short notice. I LOVE YOU MAN!
also thanks to crayon for the ori
ginal joint
idea, hennie + warpus for the act
ual swaptm
idea and name, mice for this pack
ets diz,
cytral for starting swaptm asci
i edition in cz?
the near future, and anyone else
who supports
swaptm and helps bring fun back
to the scene
info on the next swaptm:
swaptm 07 will be held on saturday evening, 10/06/96
at 8pm eastern in
swaptm .. hopefully thisll give some of you guys who
always miss swap a chance to participate. also,
if youve participated in a lot of swaps so far, i
d please ask that you not participate in this one.. i
wanna get some new bloodin
contacting swap staff ahem.. cheeze :
you can get intouch with me + pickup the swap weekly packets
released on the
sunday directly after the swap at these locations:
inet email: swap-@cris.com
WHQ: doink - 407-783-1522
ftp: ftp.cdrom.com/pub/artpacks/incoming/artpack
telnet: tregency.res.cmu.edu
- or -
any scene concious board and hell, if they don
t have it, they arent worth
the call!
there are no distros, and no headquarters besides what a
re listed above.
s w a pt m 06 infof ile layout/ansis - chee
ze .. all rig hts .. sold.