tm 05 fileinfo ..
06 was held 09/28/96 in irc
channel swaptm. there were 9 people
total, no unfin
ished ansis, and it took
3 hours. wee!
01 : dieznyik 04a: widowmak
er 07: cheeze
02a: flame 04b: lo
rd jazz fill-in
02b: illx fill-in 05 : trahma
03 : nail 0
6 : bviper
*the file
names are in the following format:
being the ansi , xx being the persons who ju
worked on i
t - the original ansis are compiled into -steps.an
---+ ansi: ---+ ansi:
01-steps.ans 02-steps.ans
---+ consists of: ---+ consists of:
01-01.ans 02-02.ans
01-02.ans 02-03.ans
01-03.ans 02-04.ans
01-04.ans 02-05.ans
01-05.ans 02-06.ans
01-06.ans 02-07.ans
01-07.ans 02-01.ans
---+ final ansi: ---+ final ansi:
01-final.ans 02-final.ans
---+ notes: ---+ notes:
- neato concept. couldve been better - t
his one turned out pretty damn cool. had everyone use
d their time wisely. the pizza could ha
ve been shadded, but
still cool though. it
doesnt really matter..
---+ ansi: ---+ ansi:
03-steps.ans 04-steps.ans
---+ consists of: ---+ consists of:
03-03.ans 04-04.ans
03-04.ans 04-05.ans
03-05.ans 04-06.ans
03-06.ans 04-07.ans
03-07.ans 04-01.ans
03-01.ans 04-02.ans fill-in
03-02.ans fill-in 04-03.ans
---+ final ansi: ---+ final ansi:
03-final.ans 04-final.ans
---+ notes: ---+ notes:
- pretty cool font. what the hell is -
whoa! cool! .. the shadding on the
that cyan shit doing there, illx? g
uy or whatevers face could use a
little work, but otherwise, very cool.
---+ ansi: ---+ ansi:
05-steps.ans 06-steps.ans
---+ consists of: ---+ consists of:
05-05.ans 06-06.ans
05-06.ans 06-07.ans
05-07.ans 06-01.ans
05-01.ans 06-02.ans fill-in?
05-02.ans fill-in 06-03.ans
05-03.ans 06-04.ans skipped
05-04.ans fill-in 06-05.ans
---+ final ansi: ---+ final ansi:
05-final.ans 06-final.ans
---+ notes: ---+ notes:
- well, the font on this is pretty -
whoa.. bone on crack rules. i dontcool, but the r
est is just.. uhm.. really like the d
ark cyan higlights in icky? .. the stuff really d
oesnt the face, and the backround coul
d use a go together at all, and the face is
lot of work, but still pretty swell.
nowhere near finished. oh well..
---+ ansi:
---+ consists of:
---+ final ansi:
---+ notes:
- this started out pretty cool through
the first few ansis, but the shadding
got out of hand, and.. what the HELL
are those cacti things doing there?