Alien Encounters by Blood
Alien Encounters by Blood
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------eek a fuckin woody on that bitch, case u cant see it, its spawn, wit a lighter--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ss, s , s . s, s sssssss,,, ss sss II s ., sssssss. s ll ls sss,,.. :: , aa:
alien encounters
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------well here is another stupid littl ascii i didi.. how nice eh? hehe. there, was
for the group hype while i was in it.. BUT i wasnt informed if it dying, so nowits for surge.. :
1 killa hertz... mang i still fuckin fergot to call ur ass.. i called once
and ur sis pick up.. : call me u know the
2 tryden... welp thanks for lettin me in the group : hehe gotta suckup
3 kirin... always fuckin looked up to this mang,.. specially his hair
no one can draw hair like kiri can :
4 heather girl, u got it going on.. i love u to death baby!!!
5 jivezie u r mah sis girl.. keep up the good werk....
6 glasseye wooooop cheese
7 greatwind ack.. is that a dick u got there? lemmy have a bite..
thas all for this one!!! ttyyyyylll