well boys and girls, it seems as though yours truly
has finally decided to get off of his ass and do
some artwork. Ive decided to leave the big-whig
ansi art scene and am trying to stay close to home
and some art for the locals that I so dearly love.
welp, this is my latest, if you want an ansi, you
contact me at any of the boards I draw an ansi for
pretty simple eh? well, I must be going, my hands
Thats AD if yer blind feel like Ive been typing outside for that past
see ya kids! - imodium
look mike! nipples!
imodium stab
T h e V e l v e t U n d e r g r o u n d
one of the best boards in seven o eight
for intellectual chat and files
7 O 8 - 4 3 9 - 5 7 6 9