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. i: .: :.i. .iiii:. ::.
:. : :i. : ..::iiiiii::. :
:i: .:ii:. .:ii*::iiiii:.
:.: ..::iii:. :iiP.d **4i:iiii:
. ii: ,si* :i, iii: :iiss ..s. ::iii:
:. ii.i :i:iii :ii .:iii : iii: , ii i. :iiii:. :ii, :ii, :ii: .:i : :iil ,di ::iiii:. :i, :i i ::i:.ii
you rip :ii, ,i, : iiiiii. iibssd :ii: i
you die . i, :i i :iiiii, 77. :ii.i
:i. ii. :ibsd :iii:i, :iii.i ii ii, :i: :iisssi:: : i, *S* :i::iiiiii. . ,issiii:i::i : .i:iiiii.dii:i i: i:i:iiiii7 d**i:i :i :: ii:iiiss** ii:ii : . i::i .ss
. *i:iiiissd* can you see the phear i:ii .ss
in her eyes ? oh..yeah! :ilsd7 iph
oh my fukkin god!! i cant believe myself!
the most awesum pic in a while!!
note, this *is* a comic rip, but it was harder than i thought :
...and i changed it alittle
this one goes to my board, so dont rip it..
inphamilair 03:45pm c. iph