spin productions artpack#001 by spin'98
spin productions artpack#001 by spin'98
gygygygygygygygylgy ,. . . . l :i iSg,. ii ib . ii . :i . . i: . :@SSg,:l . :b, :l .
. i: . l . . . Y . YS,. .. lSg,. l: .. .. :l l: l: @S:
::::. @SSg, : ii ::::::::::: ii ii : ii :::. i : Y :l l: :l :l :l ii l: iiiiiiiiiii :l yggyggygygygyggg ii iiiiii ill ii lllllllll ii ll l: lllllllllllllll l: l l: lllll l:
:l l: ii ii ii ii
ii l: :l S P I N A R T P A C K 0 0 1 ii
*Sg, spin your ass away and watch our pack
* ** **** Yi ****gygy
li --N E W S I N S P I N
ll lll
dP iiii weehaa.. this is a quite newstarted group
,dllP : BUT!! its just an upgrade of our old one
. ..,gSlb, :::: that was named DR back in the 96-97.
b, -- of course we are seeking for some new
gygygygyg- YS members,who dont? the scene in hbg/sweden
P dlS is gathering its power again, flash bbs
P,dilP, is opened again and serial bbs is comming
P dlP ,d up! we are also searching for distros
lP ,d and hqs in other parts of the world!
ll lP ,lllllll our music section geggamoja are soon
ii li iiiiiiii releasing their first music disk..... you
l woldnt miss it for the world! well as we
::: Yb :::::: moved forward with the group a cupple of
SS new artists / musicians joined us, and
* they are :slide-outbak, rage, zarcastius,
. blader, dyingsoul, sobber and mr-death !!
we thank them and hope they will have an
good time!
. ,gS SS,
. . ,@S b,
. ,* b
gygy************ *** ** * ,dlSg,.
. M E M B E R S O F S P I N ,dilS
lll SlP -gygygyg
iiii acid burn - prez Sb P
. :: inphamilair - vice ,Yib.P
:::: d, Yib P
acid burn - ascii newskewl + ansi leader d, Ylb
. arx - ascii newskewl lllllll, Yi
blader - ascii newskewl iiiiiiii ill
dyingsoul - ascii oldskewl + ansi l
. inphamilair - ascii newskewl + old :::::: dP :
purplee - ascii newskewl SlS
rage - ascii newskewl *
. zalza - ascii newskewl + ansi .
zarcastius - ascii oldskewl
xzip - ascii oldskewl
. inphamilair - music leader
elflord - music
mr.death - music
sobber - music
. slideoutbak - music
zalza - music
acid crash - pascal
elflord - assembler
. evilmaster - pascal
:ii puddle - well its our BOT thanx image!
. il sobber - html master
:: lb, ::::
iillii:: CONTAC US -
i: Yb E-Net - spin thanx.to.image.we.got.an.BOT.now
: il E-Mail - spin098@hotmail.com
gygygyggyg li gy Http - http://comming.up.!!
P lP ,
TTTTTP iP dTTT Find some of the leaders on *IRC efnet/spin*
lllP lP,lllll or e-mail us. Give us 3 of your best pics or
ii,P,iiiiiiii 1 of your best song or 1 of your best intro.
dS., We will respond as quick as possible!
, /iphab
. ,dlP arc.woe.poffelipoff.uprise
dliP . . h0ax.rebel-art.maybe.your.group?
dlP . .
ill , outbreak!.nerdsrus!.bmp.tol.
ii .gS: and everyone in the swedish scene!
YSggSSdi ggygygyggy
SS dll sweart
.., ,dil* TTTTTS .,gSSg,. ascii ?
lllll dil ,dlS SSg, spin
iiii ilbgSSi *b
well thats all go up! .