LeechWorld, Inc. by Impact
LeechWorld, Inc. by Impact
L Wi
e os! --isnt that cool how
ere! that hurts your eyes cll! n shit?? huh? huh?
hde! fuck i cant even
!!e! read it.. i like it! !!t! looks like an mca
font or sumthin
leet like that!
MCA! wewp wewp!
Mah 1st and LAST attempt at this kinda font P..
- Leechworld Inc -
S: Typhus ACid
R: Asphixia ACid
5 gig of storage and a 28800
ACid + UNiON + Cancer + Cranium + more
The ONLY Board were Leeches are WELCOMED P
------------------------------delete shit below dis!----------------------------
Asphixia: Yea.. its for sure.. im not comming to balt., but its cool.. well chil- out ova da internet.. P
Typhus: hope you like it.. you can add/change it.. i really didnt get a chance
- to talk to you about this ansi and find out the affils, software.. etc..
- or even what kinda of ansi you wanted.. i took a blind guess.. and this is
- what i came up with.. hope you like
Valgamon: Told you ide greet you in mah next ansi! :P VALGAMON IS MAH FAVORITE
- NIG OF ALL TIME!! w00p!
Shattershot: ONE of the VERY FEW cool locals to me.. my hat off tew joo! :P
Kall dis boardcauz mah 2 favoritenigz next to valgie! P run it and cauz
theres a subliinal message sayingto kall!@ see look:
c a l l l e e c h w o r l d!
FUCK! dont youfuckinghate those blining lettes and shit!@ damn.. owell..
cant fight subiminal messages cauz yo dont even know there there.. see.. you
think this is a bunch of annoying flashing letter crap which it really is, you
dont know this thought because its a subliminal message.. when its actually in
your mind telling you to call leech world you just dont know it.. confused? yeai am too.. smoke some weed and talk to lifetime.. hes fun to talk to when your
stoned.. well kiddz.. if youve learned anything from this ugly ansi its not thatdoing drugs amkes you cool .. or that lifetime is cool cauz he pulls tubes..youwanna know somthing?.. when i get stoned i tend to ramble on and on about thingsbut thats beside the point that leechworld is eleet and you should call.. wait
what was i talking about before i started the parenthesis.. owell im tew lazy toread throught this and figure it out.. oh yea.. if youve learned one thing from
this anis its that you are really stupid if you are still reading down this far
because all this is just a bunch of crap.. its really a subliminal message..