collection of hideousness by Cynic
collection of hideousness by Cynic
yup, you guessed it, I do logos and thats about all. theyre
not the greatest, but I have fun doin em so screw ewe if ya
dont like em. wHo0ps! go out to cheeze, social parasite,
ynic HOOPTiE, sirdeath and 4o1s kewlest guy outside of myself :P
LT. if you want a terrible but free logo by me mail me at or call Poor Intentions at 4o1.782.0212
---- Horror of Reality -------------------------------------------------------
of Reality
hope this logo gets used for something cuz its the best thing Ive done yet! :P---- Fistful of Steel --------------------------------------------------------
Fistful of Steel
i know it sucks and i love it. ugly is my specialty
i know i released an earlier version of this last month, but heres the corrected one for ya LT
---- sOlo - the only group nice dumb? enough to take me --------------------
P r o d u c t i o n s
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------someday ill do a background... until then, deal.