Rust by Eerie-Kun
Rust by Eerie-Kun
the vertical tower thrusts deep in the measureless sky,
erected to show mankinds prowress and power and pride.
the monuments girth stretches greater than caught by the eye
penetrating into the etheral realm of gods defied.
the base is wide - nine hundred cubits chromed
and stays nine hundred towering above.
the monument rips through celestia domed
its seamless skin shows sweat and blood - not love.
can something great as this last evermore?
mans pinnacle entombed in ageless steel -
reaching though to heights not dreamed before.
forever is yet number most unreal.
time will see har metal turn to dust
as all mankinds pretenses turn to rust. cthulu m
rust oped by mass murdere
r corpulent cow - fire ice membe
r board!@
you dont need to know anything else. just call it.
this ansi was drawn by eerie-kun of samsara
, therefore is the first official
samsara full length ansi. woo. pretty damn historical.
that handsome cyborg
was taken from some old issue of deathlok where he mee
ts the punisher for
some reason. needless to say, that book sucks big time.
but hey, sometimes
you just dont want to go original. besides, everytime
i do original stuff, i
get shitty reviews, so whatd be the point? head
er lit by cthulu of mistigris.