Cyblade/Psibatek by Vejita
Cyblade/Psibatek by Vejita
distribution copy you left me... incomplete...
more vj ansi mayhem! dis is for whizahd!
tanks for all dat shit mun!
hi to the .au gods and goddesses hi jane
but to the gods: wOj, krl, fk, anubis, etc.
Cyblade is a trademark and has been damn
copyrighted by TOP COW Productions Inc. 1995
is SHE
bitch- vj
cybertech. its like, wizards board. And its got heaps of shit. heaps of it.
heaps of art paqs, weirdo things and thing things. Its a cool board.
and generous as well. I think. Oh, its got porn as well. Coolies.
wizards cool. gives me good access.
this has been a 100 original vj ansi production:
no fucking scans, converts, only one shitty rip!
ripped off the cyblade/shi cross-over promo art work...
SICK - We put the HIT into SHIT