Newsletter Xmas 95 by Flax
Newsletter Xmas 95 by Flax
Xmas Edition 1995
Welp.. we fucked up the last pack.. it was rushed and extremely small.
But this months pack once again rocks with originality and pure style.
Its still only small because, if you havent already checked the member
list, we have very few members - partly because we beleive in quality
over quantity, and partly because we have to put up with other groups
testing the loyalty of our artists by asking them to join their group.
Add to that pressure from other groups to quit totally because we just
arent big enough.. and people wonder why there is no aus scene !?
Big news this month is that Woj, co-founder of Sick with me, has quit
drawing and possibly the whole scene. As most of you know Woj was one
of the countries best artists and will be missed!
Improved artist Vejita has left the country for 5 weeks. It seems the
australian govt is finally doing something about the huge asian popul
ation and sending em all back home. Nah seriously hes gone on hols.
New members this month include Deathstroke, who I hear is already
being offered a place at another group, an ansi artist who claims to
be victorias most wanted new artist.. and Code-3, a VGA artist and
star coder, who will be doing some cool demos for Sick, and working on
the sick homepage
hmm.. welp thats about it! .. small newsletter for a small group..
Shouts to AV and Force.. looking forward to seeing this united BBS
software group you guys have planned.. should be sick!
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