Chaos Domain by Thor
Chaos Domain by Thor
Welcome to the la
test installment of
TH-Type Shit... hope you like this.
This one was created by request for
kforce, in trade for an ANSi for
TAC. This i
s also my first ANSi Ive
done officially in iCE! If
you want
an ANSi by me, contact me on TAC.
Type Shit
Chaos Domain
Staff: SysOps - Digital Ranger REALiT
- Captain America
CoSysOps: - Chaotic Quack
- White Noise NATiON/CC
- Darkforce UNiON/SE
- Questor CiA/SE
Node 1 - 604 582-1841 - 28.8k
Node 2 - 604 iCE-RULZ - 28.8k
Sonic Equinox Headquarters Youn Chie Can
adian Headquarters
PHUN World Headquarters SONiC LiNK World Headq
Nation Affiliate ThunderNET
0 - 4 Day Utensils
1 Gigabyte Online Storage
ANSi c1994 TH-Type Shit Stat Layout by Dark Forc
... Ever wonder how he never bites his tongue? Hmmm...