SHIVER 10/94 Member List by The Guardian
SHIVER 10/94 Member List by The Guardian
1 O / 9 4 M E M B E R L I S T I N G
Handle Positions
Achilles Ansi Artist
Animous Ansi Artist Vga Artist
Ares Ansi Artist Ascii Artist
Asylum Ansi Artist
Audio Mix Vga Artist
Aventuri Ansi Artist
Axe Battler Ansi Artist
Barbie Shiver Babe
Betrayer Senior Staff
Binary Beast Courier
Black Magik Western Coordinator
Brightman Ansi Artist Ascii Artist
Cesspool Vga Artist
Ciez Ansi Artist
Corrupt Courier
Crimson Flash Coder
Cyber Rip Artist
Cynical Graphix Courier
Cypher Literature Writer
Cyric Coder
Darkfire Ansi Artist
Dark Sword Ansi Coordinator Ansi Artist
Death Blow Ansi Artist
Deranged Evil Coder Coordinator Coder
Dynosaw Ansi Artist
Faazy Ansi Artist
Fetus Courier
Flood Myth Ansi Artist
Fozman Vga Artist
Genmas Ansi Artist
Griffon Musician
Harmonic Distortion Coder
Hellspawn Vga Artist Musician
Ice Telecom
Inner Vision Ansi Artist
Island of Reil Musician
Lethal Outcast Ansi Artist
Lord Drakul Ansi Artist
Lord Valgamon Lit Coordinator Lit Writer
Necromancer Ascii Artist
Necronite Ascii Coordinator Ascii Artist
Nightfire Coder
Overflow Rip Artist
Paradox Rip Coordinator Rip Artist
Piston Ansi Artist
Plasmatoid North American Coordinator
Prime Evil America Coordinator Vga Artist
Proze Senior Staff Literature Writer
Psibelius Music Coordinator Musician
Psychotic Smada Vga Artist
Ptarmingan Knight Ansi Artist
Qtak Ansi Artist
Quixotic Ansi Artist
Ravaged Soul Literature Writer
Ripper Jack Courier
Shattered Link Ansi Artist
Shrike Ansi Artist Coder
Sonic Enigma Vga Artist Musician
Son of Sam Ansi Artist
Soultaker Global Coordinator
Spectre Ansi Artist
Strict 9 Coder
The Guardian Senior Staff Ansi Artist
The Undead Sorcerer Ansi Artist Vga Artist
Trickster Vga Artist
Vector Coder
Zulu King Ansi Artist
If your name is not on this list and you think you are a Shiver member, please
call the WHQ, Evil Intentions, at 408-251-6220 and leave mail to one of the
Seniors Betrayer, Proze, or The Guardian and we will get back to you involvin
g your status in shiver. Thank you