SHIVER 03/95 Information by Shiver
SHIVER 03/95 Information by Shiver
SHIVER 03/95
Howdy yawz.. welcome to the new shiver.. as you have probably
noticed by now, shiver has gone in the direction of ansi only.
what would make us resort to such a drastic move you ask?
Well here i am to tell ya..
Shiver has been around since june of ninety four.. we have
always been known as one of the most organized groups around.
when shiver started in 6/94, when we only had a handfull of
members or so, things were fun.. there wasnt one person in the
group that complained of anything being wrong. we were all
laid back, and everyone seemed extremely pleased at the
quality of our art.. then came the 9/94 shiver pack. After
this pack was released, shiver gained over 35 new members,
thus making our member list into one of over 80 members. Sure
we are all happy and all of the new members, and the building
quality of our work, but shiver just wasnt what it used to be
anymore. many of the seniors were leaving, and to be blunt,
it just wasnt as fun as it used to be. dont get me wrong,
everyone was extremely happy that we were gaining the respect
we wanted. in 3 packs, we made it into the top 6.. and that
is when our troubles started.. soon, the group turned into
everything that shiver was based against.. a corporation
nomatter how hard you try, once you gain high group ranking,
and gain a huge amount of members, your group just aint as fun
as it used to be.. i ask you to try to find someone that
disagrees with this.. most people in shiver only knew about 1/3
of the people in the group, and our close bonded, fun group,
turned into the thing we all despised. months past, and the
hype about shiver was gone too..
After talking it over with Betrayer, and some of the other
shiver artists, we all decided something had to be done this
month, to make shiver how it used to be.. even if our quality
goes down.. we will atleast be having fun.. the scene has
turned to complete bullshit in my opinion, and it just aint as
fun as it used to be. new groups popping up all over, and the
only thing people care about it seems is getting an ansi for
their k-rad board, or a distribution site.. we were sick of the
monthly routine, of collecting work, and releasing another,
average pack.. not having much fun at all.. thus we decided
to reform the group, and make it fun like it used to be.. and
make it stay that way.. yet we couldnt do that, with the
former 90 members that shiver contained.. thus, we decided that
the only way to accomplish having fun again, without turning
into a coorportion would be to go ansi only. 2/3 of the
shiver members have been cut, and I am extremely sorry, I had
to do this.. but we all knew something had to be done, and this
was the only way I could do it.. alot of people that have been
cut were good friends of mine, so it wasnt easy too do...
Starting this month, the new shiver revolution has begun.
Shiver has always been known for being one of the most laid back
groups in the scene, and we plan to stay that way. the new
guidelines, include:
*NO DEADLINES: If you cant get an ansi in for a month or two,
or even three, or maybe even four.. you will not be cut from
the member list, like many other groups care to do. We strive
for quality now, and not quantity. If it takes you 3 or 4
months to do an ansi, so be it.. this does not mean, you will
never be cut from the ansi department.. if i see no enthusiasm
to ever draw again, and that you are just in it for the affil,
then you will be dropped immediatly..
* DUAL GROUPING IS ALLOWED: The scene is supposed to be fun..
if a person wants to be in multiple groups, they are welcome
too, as long as they can produce work for both groups. We do
not encourage dual grouping, but we are not imposing rules on
how many groups you can join.
* QUALITY NOT QUANTITY:Yes, im sure you have heard this sayin
before, but now shiver is dedicated to the above statement.
After many many requests to quality check our work, shiver
will now do so. Some work this month, was excluded from the
pack, and we are very sorry that it didnt get in. A certain
number of people, will be quality checking the pack each month.
We feel, that if there are no deadlines, you can strive your best
to do the very best work you can.
will call you voice, each and every month, to collect any work
if you have any. We understand that many members cant call
long distance, so we try to make this process as simple as
or another artist in shiver, or anybody else asks you to do
something, that you dont feel like doing, then please dont do
it. The seniors betrayer and the guardian are just like you
and we dont deserve any special privaleges. all we do is make
sure the group is running efficiently. it is in no way our job
to tell anyone in shiver what to do. if a shiver member is
threatening you, or you are not getting along with him, then
contact one of the seniors, and we will try our best to
resolve the problem
* HAVE FUN: and last but not least, have fun.. if you are not
enjoying the group, and think something should be changed for
the better, then please contact one of the seniors, and we will
try bringing your idea too life.
summarizing this, the main point is to basically do anything
you want to do.. never feel guilty if you dont have work for
the month.. never do something you dont want to do.. never
worry about where to turn in your work for the month.. basically
we will try our best to make sure you as an individual are
enjoying yourself in shiver. now with the extremely small
member list, we are now able to concentrate on making every
shiver member get to know eachother. we will now have atleast
weekly voice conferences, thanks to our telecommunications
division, and try and get everyone an internet account. our
main goal, is for every single person in the group to try and
become friends with eachother...
Now its time for the monthly news section.. ill try to make
this short, considering this info is already huge enough..
This month we bid a farewell to a great guy whos goes by the
name of Vengeance.. he was a shiver senior, who helped us out
alot, but ive heard from various sources that he got his
computer taken away.. i havent seen him for a month, and his
number is inoperative.. so thus, I doubt he is in the scene
anymore.. if your out there alan, please contact one of the
shiver guys..
As you may have noticed there is no site list this month..
As many of you know, distribution sites are rather useless.
all former sites have been dropped btw.. so if you were a shiver
site, then you are no longer.. im sorry, but its a new beginning
for us, and we want to start off fresh.. if we do have sites
in the future, they would be for shiver member sysops only..
This month I would like to thank a few shiver members, who
really deserve a hand of applause for majorly helping out the
group this month.. these three people are asylum, shattered
link, and spam.
asylum has been in shiver, ever since the beginning, and
has been one of the nicest guys I have ever met in the scene.
At first he was majorly excited about shiver when he first
joined, and turned in some fantastic work to us.. then he
went to union, and although he spent most of his time with the
union guys, he still stuck with the shiver crowd, and made a
few occassional ansis for us.. this month he quit union, and
unfortunatly along with union, shiver too.. he helped me put the
pack together this month, made a diz, and not to mention some
majorly kick ass ansis.. he has been invited to every group
from acid to unchained, and whichever group gets him, should
feel honored to have this great guy. in my book asylum is top
next on the list comes shattered link.. ever since this guy
joined shiver, he has tryed his very best to help the group out
in any way or form.. he is always approaching me with new ideas
and concepts to implement in shiver.. but the thing that stands
him apart from the rest is loyalty.. he has been invited to
almost every group possible.. even ice.. and yet he still
sticks with the shiver crowd.. if only everyone in the scene
could be like shattered link.. i can dream cant i? :
and last, but definatly not least comes spam.. this guy just
recently joined shiver a month ago, yet he is one of the
greatest guys a group could ask for.. not only did he draw 6
of the most amazing ansis ive seen in a long time for this
pack, he helped me out with the pack when I needed it.. i
asked him if he could draw me a info file layout, and 15
minutes later, here is the final product.. absolutly amazing..
when i told him thanks for all the work he contributed this
month to shiver, he replied anything for shiver spam.. u roq
dont get me wrong, these werent the only people in the group
who deserve credit this month, but if i named everyone, this info
file would go on forever.. maybe next month eh?
Even though shiver is going ansi only, we are still
retaining shiver view.. we have one of the best viewers in the
scene, and as my mom always said, never give up a good thing
besure to check out the viewer this month, if you havent
already.. the scrolling on it is amazing.. great job cyric..
Well I could go on forever, the way im going, but I want
to keep this under 200 lines.. as said above, shiver is
basically a whole new group.. were going back to the standards
imposed back when we started.. back to the good old days when
we had fun.. like lemonade on a hot summers day out in the
country. were back, and better than ever....
The Guardian Shiver Senior Staff