Sunny side of death by Warp!
Sunny side of death by Warp!
req? -
Yes! Its me from SC! Ive joined Shaolins Finest so now you will be gettingtwice the amount of pics from me! The ANSI will/should be the last ANSI i do forShao because im shit at ANSI. Yeah, here ya go - take a giz at it.
this spot was empty b4a what can i r put here in this mt
e space? may be a nice
and colourful piccy
y or logo or someth
o ing like that.
u i dont know what t
o put here. i could r probabaly to a synt e hetic logo here or a just a w for Wa d RP! i like my w! i do you like the sku n ll i drew? idid
g it all myself. its
amazing. i never thought t
t hat i would ever be able to
h draw something that decent
i in an ansi piccy. tho
s se smiley suns are pretty ke ? wl too. a lot of people s ? eem to do them in their ansis ? so i thought i mighttoo! i could always just writ e a whole lot of crap in the space too!
Wassup, niggah? Im gonna cap your sorry arse, niggah!
You see dis? Its mi smif n
wesson! Im gonna smoke ya!
/ this is a flower
comming out of
the gun
this is a pistol shooting out a flower
i dunno why the hell im doing this...
you like purple? why arent there anymore pics here?
this is just turning out to look like shit. id better do some more pics now
el shito fontage except death and picco by WaRP!. Want a VGA? Ask me!