Ascii Collection by Towser
Ascii Collection by Towser
sSSs sSSs SynSf
S S ggg
SyS SgS SyyS SyS
P Shaolins Finest, from Towser, using this at the top of each of my fucking 7
b ansi aski what-fucking ever things, so yer press DOWN now bitch P d
jobs, anyone can use it
Ss SSsy S
!TOW yyy SER!
people, uh yeah if you want to use the bitch you can
yyyyy Ss Ss yyyyyyy
yS, y, S
ssS toW sS
mur, is it still up? ahwell..
ick ick!
ggg sSSs Ss S ggg sSSs Ss S
yyy yS S yyy yS S
SsssSS!tow!SSsssSsssS SsssSS!tow!SSsssSsssS
yeah whatever read my paragraph-of-crap in the synth pak, heh, yeah so anyway
first two anyone can use as it says last two are obviously for those ppl, only
4 in this pak, like for the synth, 4 each thats fair yeah? ive been doing alot
of vga shiet which might be going into this pak, I DONT FUCKING CARE YOU DONT
CARE OK? fuck yeah bitches! allright then, thats enough, im outtah here..
nuts to odb, iBANEzthankyou thankyou and thankyou again!, trip, and to
everyone who hates parents
later rip it and ill
rip yo nads off
Towser and feed them to
bruteish! Tows
EOFFB end of the fucking file bitch 73 lines