few shitty fonts... by isotone
few shitty fonts... by isotone
okay well herez a very small colly i thru together so dont expect much from it
nevertheless...please dont rip any of these as they are for my board only..and
imagine how boringer bbsing would be if more than 1 board used the same shit!
anyway....i havent been getting many requests lately...so if you need any pics
or fonts for your board feel free to ask....isotone@netspace.net.au or my board
i usually do better work than this...so dont judge me by these fonts
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------says: digital utopia main menu
i rekon its ok for such small font...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------i think this one is really shit but i included it because i didnt do hardly any-thing this month...and i needed it to make a half decent colly....
it was rushed...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------i kinda like this one...and i think i might start doing some similar fonts...
maybe develope a unique style caugh
d u
i t
g your desired conference. iso o
l a
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------greets to...
mb, odb, idc, atx, infav, wl, and whoever else...
damn did u see all that shit i wrote up there! what a waste of space
-promise ill have a cool pic 4 da next pack odb
and what the fuck are you doing down here?