shade newsletter by shade leaders
shade newsletter by shade leaders
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Hello artscene, dfuse is here.
I hope everyone had a great year and a nice chrismas and so on,
anyway i did.
By the way, welcome to our fourth close encounter!!@
When i get my hungry hands on an dont get me wrong here !
new artpackage im very exited to see what the artists have
come up with.
I belive theres a huge lack of inspiration as well as creativity
in the scene today.
Its not enough to make fantastic outlines on a picture or a
font, logo for that matter if you cant use the colors and
design the thing right, it wont turn out great, at all.
Just watch a demo or a smaller intro, it doesnt matter if the
code is awesome, if theres no design put into it.
In the latest acrylic, 05, there was an article about the ops in
ansi, some guys mean that if they cant draw they shouldnt have
ops, well i guess they have a point.
Ok, its their channel, the make up the rules, right?!, but they
dont have to be such assholes as some are, banning people for
nothing, and stuff like that, thats what i think anyway.
If you dont like ansi for any reason, host your own channel, or
why not make a compo-channel, like everest, for instance.
Ive done a couple of logos in this channel and its really fun,
believe me.
Lets move on, shall we.
If everything goes as planned both blend and twilight will
hopefully release around the 15th.
My favorite group, for now is blend who has made great packages
this far.
At least theyre original and comes up with new, never-before-seen-
stuff every time, keep pumpin dewds.
So 9t7 will probably start just fine, after all.
phlare, at the heyboard..
tjohoo.. always much to say.
and oolite, send me my damn beanie!!@
kelthar has some werds:
stop asking me for requests you dumb nikkas.
btw. i dont live in a box. dfuse has pms.
Some group regards- blend, fire, twilight, oops ascii, poem