Typhoon buffer saved on Fri Dec 13 05:25:19 1996
Typhoon hello . how r u?
mart fine... and you sugar?
Typhoon im fine . tell me something about urself.
mart i am 18, big tits, and i like anal sex....
Typhoon im 18 , white male , 1.80 m , 70 kg , black hear and brown
eyes. i like any kind of sex.
mart how big is your dick?
Typhoon and most important - i have a very long and strong dick.
Typhoon 16 cm.
Typhoon okey?
Typhoon are you here?
mart thats pretty smal
mart small
mart pretyy
mart pretty pathetic yknow. mine is 19 cm
Typhoon yours what?
mart yours is pretty short yknow, mine is 19 cm
Typhoon are u male that u have a dick?
mart im aye drag queen bitz@!
Typhoon what?
mart i am a drag queen.
Typhoon u are what?
mart i am from bnot pesya
Typhoon are u from israel?
mart yes.....
mart from bnot pesya
Typhoon yes or no?
mart my name is gladis.....
Typhoon ok , listen im not interested in continuation of this
conversation , so i shut it down . bye bye.
mart why? dont you like drag queens?
mart I was on TV bitz@
Typhoon ok , listen , im not interested . now get lost!!!
mart i want your dick up my tewshie!!! please?!?!?!
mart dont leave me hanging with a hardon!!!
Typhoon get lost.
mart i have hard nipples! please! i neeeeeeed you!
End of Typhoon buffer Fri Dec 13 05:25:19 1996