Aesthetic says:
Whats new pussy cat? Nothing much, we just thought wed own your
asses this very fine november 1st, 2003 day. Im going to keep this
one very short and sweet. Id like to welcome our new members
Ret, Orange, and Roodolph.. you guys are proving to me that this
is always so much worthwhile and showing me ansi still very much
alive and kicking over a decade since it was made famous. Its
great to see our old friend Seph back in the ball game, we missed
ya, buddy! So this marks sense imagery pack 17, whod of thought
wed make it this far. Heres to 17 packs and 17 more.
Maytag says:
Hello everyone. Recording live from somewhere. Its damn late
at night. Im freakin tired. Almost 3 am and I work in a few
hours. I worked my ass to the bone for this pack. I hope you
enjoy. Thanks to everyone who submitted and thanks to all
our new members. We appreciate your support. Anyone new to
ansi who wants help, find me on efnet ans. That goes for
anyone whos been around for a while too. I really appreciate
the help I get from fellow artists so its the least I can do.
Damn im tired. Cant swallow this coca-cola fast enough to stay
awake. Well im too damn tired to write any more. Draw draw
draw. And draw some more.
ARTIST OF THE PACK - oh we all kicked fucking ass.
stay tuned for pack 18, who knows maybe sooner than you think.
sense imagery. 2003. 100 pure ownage. ansichrist with a hint of maytag.
do ya want to see something funny...?
this my first ansi...
done back in 96...
notice the similarities with the pic up there...
iDiot /STC 9
SAUCE00ansi ansichrist sense