sense 11
save our souls
words by aesthetic
as it seems, sense is on a current decline. i blame myself and
other things for this. firstly, i havent been around as much,
which you could probably conclude from the lack of submissions i
have in this pack. however, i assure you that i have at least 2
or three things in the process, 1 solo and 2 joints to be exact.
ive just recently moved into a new house and i havent had the
internet for at least 2 weeks. this is my pleage to you that we
will all come together and rebuild sense to what it once was. we
must not lose sight of the bigger picture. new members this pack
include sinister silent to web division, and others.
SOS - save our souls. we need support, dont let this great crew
die :. join our team and help us keep ansi alive.
conclusion - pack 12, february 2003
merry xmas! happy new year!