Da Beeg Ess... by HeXD
Da Beeg Ess... by HeXD
.A GIANT S! :P For Sense.
.Special Hellosnstuff to.....
Everyone in Sense : yew all rule.
Rca if I said hi to everyone i liked
in Rca.. itd take hours : so HI ALL
P0T uhm.. I run the group.. so..hmm
Members better WORSHIP MY ASS! hehe
I would like to take this Moment to
Thank everyone that has helped me with
The Scene..
Scrye thanks man.. at first i know I
Sucked, But you let me in Sense anyways rw if it wernt for you. I wouldnt have Gone to RCA in the first place. Thanx: DJ-Zeno With P0T. you helped me from
Day 1, i dont think P0T would have gone hx anywhere without at least 1 persons
Support.. and now P0T is started. TnX