gREETz 2
Scrye Good work mon keep it up
Procto eh! :
The FiXX haha you 80s band :P
Useless hurry up and FiX yer freakin BBS :
Kain eh dood..wherez yer werk??
Ruiner good schtuff.. :P youz gettN betta
Shadow lala heyaz
All NeXT M0NTH iLL be changing my name 2 HeXD
New Guy, Argyle, Slinky Hi! ive never really talked to you :
ALL AGAiN i NEEEED feedback on THiS ANSi!!! Any ReqZ email me. lensman@rinx.com OR Find me on BTG. 4o3-28o-i93i
ALL k this is the last ALL im really stoned.. anyone notice he looks like
hes sproingin a woody?