CROWE Scrollz/Cia
Well, I guess its my turn to contribute to the Newsletter. I know most of you have seen some of the things done as of late as controversy. Pish posh. Our move to the web is our project. We arent trying to force you to change. The goal is a format more suited to our style.
It provides a venue of mass distribution not
possible with previous formatting. Web Zines
have flourshed since the early days of the
Internet. With the advancement in graphics
protocols and hyper text markup language,
Web Zines have a power that flat text and print media lack. We hope our work will inspire both our audience and our members. We want to produce quality work and have fun doing it.
In the months to come we hope to do several
projects. Some experimental, others old
fashioned. You will still be able to download
our work in that old familiar .zip file but
youll get a more streamlined version in our
web friendly version. I for one and looking forward to out future. Help support our move, help support the lit scene. Send us feedback, guest write for us. Get involved.
KLUMZEE Glue/Scrollz/Cia
Klumzee here, its my first month as a staff member
here at scrollz, and Im in great anticipation of the
upcoming Web Zine releases of Scrollz on
starting with Scrollz 8 Im mainly doing Quality Control at this stage, but Im hoping I can become an active role in the future of Scrollz on the world wide web.
Blue Devil tyrant in charge
Howdy, well we are finally here. Funny our one year anniversary
Is also our last scene targeted release Issue. Well its been
hell of a year. We have more members than some groups heh!
Well Some business needs to be finished So here it goes.
Cleaner and Civid are leaving this month due to the fact they
will be too busy in the future. Devestator was kicked out 4
being a jackass. An we got some new members! Yes fresh meat Lamont Cranston, Agent 42, Skylab, and Ignatius joined.
Ripsaw returns in action as well. Well thats it. To get the Next Installment of scrollz point yer browser to Otherwise its been fun. An may our roads cross again some
other day on some other path.
NFO designed by spirit of rage of brotherhood, march 1999
Guest for this issue: Eterna Inazone
Special thanks go out to the following: Gloss, Catch 22, Inazone, Mr.wrong,
Incognito, F7, Filth, Argon, Sor for the awesome ansi, President, kyp, shine,
and the agents from cia.
So for your future installments of scrollz make sure to check us out on the web