Filelist.txt ----- Listing of all files within Pack 3
askin-ts.sty - Asking for It. Short Story by The Stranger
bllet-bs.sty - Just one Bullet. Short Story by Black Sunshine
canyu-ts.lit - Can You Feel. Poem by The Stranger
chees-jf.lit - Primeaux Cheesy Love Letter. Poem by Jack Flack
dend-bs.lit - Dead End. Poem by Black Sunshine
dye-bs.lit - Dye. Poem by Black Sunshine
evill-jf.lit - Missing you, Evil. Poem by Jack Flack
for-ts.lit - Forever, my Love. Poem by The Stranger
gate-bs.lit - Gateway. Poem by Black Sunshine
ghoul-jf.lit - Ghouls Night Out. Poem by Jack Flack
grasp-jf.lit - Grasping for Straws. Poem by Jack Flack
homel-jf.lit - Homeless. Poem by Jack Flack
howi-ts.lit - How I Love. Poem by The Stranger
mania-bs.lit - Mania. Poem by Black Sunshine
merry-jf.lit - Merry Christmas. Poem by Jack Flack
nmare-bs.lit - Nightmare. Poem by Black Sunshine
nothg-ts.lit - Nothing to Fear. Poem by The Stranger
paran-jf.lit - Paranoia. Poem by Jack Flack
porn-bs.sty - Pornography. Short Story by Black Sunshine
power-ts.lit - The Power of Hate. Poem by The Stranger
pray-ts.sty - Shall I pray for Death. Short Story by The Stranger
scare-bs.sty - Scaring People. Short Story by Black Sunshine
shall-ts.lit - The Shallow Grave. Poem by The Stranger
siren-bs.sty - Sirens. Short Story by Black Sunshine
snap-bs.lit - Snap. Poem by Black Sunshine
unlsh-bs.lit - Unleashed. Poem by Black Sunshine
what-ts.lit - What Scares. Poem by The Stranger
whisp-bs.lit - Whispers. Poem by Black Sunshine
you-ts.lit - You Never See Me Coming. Poem by The Stranger
--death-.txt - The Death Certificate!
readme.txt - Important information from Jack Flack
saz.nfo - Information about the group
sega.exe - Self Running Gif
souldies.exe - Self Running Gif
Fewgood.exe - Self Running Gif
Filelist.txt - Youre looking at it.
Thats it. Go read some horror. The Flackster 94