CyberDate Volume 2, Number 2 by Cybernary
CyberDate Volume 2, Number 2 by Cybernary
bof --- bOf.. bOf what? is that a sexual thin
?* the shadow of his hand
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me 02
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CyberData Monthly Created By Cybernary of Saga Volume 02 Iss
ue 02 wow -----------------------------------------------
Fact or Rumor?
11/95 - Sources have said that IceDraw is in fact a myth thought up
to combat
the threat of iCE artists actually using an ACiD drawing progra
m. The
iCE SENIOR STAFF would not comment.
11/95 - Cybernary is also known as claymOre, and under the name cla
ymOre he is
in Flatline. Why? Who knows.
11/95 - Cybernary has quit drawRING ansi and will now concentrate o
n bettering
his penis size by using one of those loVe pump things he bo
ught from a
porno mag.
11/95 - Argon returned from the dead, and is ready to continue his
ansi SAGA.
No word yet as to how he returned, but sources say he was nearl
y damned
to a life in a world where literature did not exist! ARG!
11/95 - Deeply Disturbed is actually Shihear Kallizad! Or is it th
e other way
11/95 - Magnetic M draws a ferret, why? Who the hell knows. But he
y, it was
11/95 - Ellis Dee has been found guilty of molesting a small fetal
pig and has
been sentenced by the National Fetal Pig Liberation Front t
o 260 hours
of community service cleaning brown stuff from highway rest
stop bath-
rooms in the nude with a sponge shaped like a pickle.
11/95 - Syntax Error will have a new television show coming out in
the 1996 tv
schedule, the show, slated to air on ABC, has been slated to be
Syntax Error, M.D.
10/95 - IRCUzi has been destroyed by the super team known as SAGAUz
i, in a
channel takeover war. At press time, SAGAUzi has taken ove
r the main
channels IRCUzi hangs out in, kkk, hemp, bunker, and ir
cuzi. No
word yet as to IRCUzis response to getting there ass kicke
d by a bunch
of dO0dleb0yS!
10/95 - The areacode in which Cybernary lives in has lost its best
board, and
the southern portion of area code 804 has been pronounced d
ead, dead,
dead. No word yet as to when the official burial shall tak
e place.
10/95 - Somms was recently killed in yet another tragic snowmobile
accident in
which himself, and Neurotic were killed by a blizzard that
hit the area
of California in which Somms lives in while Neurotic was vi
siting. No
word yet as to wether or not they got the pack completed, a
s that was
the reason Neurotic was visiting, it was a Legend staff mee
ting. Word
has it Beastie and RaDMaN were somehow involved, and that t
hey drove
to Ontario in a rented Porche in order to pick Neurotic up
and take him
to California to the meeting. Sources say ACiD sabotaged t
he snow-
mobile by placing a pickle in the exhaust pipe. Neurotic e
scaped death
by curling up into a ball, and rolling down the hill they w
ere on. He
escaped when rescuers mistakened him for Bono of U2, and ru
shed him to
the best hospital in Beverly Hills, if it wasent for them,
he would
have gone to a public hospital and would have had to have h
is hands
amputed, luckily Neurotic will be able to use TheDraw once agai
Complaint Office
Something I havent been able to figure out for sometime now is
why a
certain groups have artists in them that are listed under VGA, ye
t the person
only ever released ansi with that group! Why do they list them in
VGA, and not
under ANSI? WHY? I will tell you why, becasue the person apparent
ly is most
likely not that great at ansi, and they would rather him be listed
under VGA so
that when someone rags on them for having him for ansi they can say
, Hey he is
not an ansi guy, he is a vga guy, he is just learning, or some tot
taly stupid
answer such as that.
If the person is a VGA artist, then why does he not release VGA
? If he
releases ansi, then why do they NOT list him under ANSI? It is the
simple fact
of not wanting to look bad. It is the simple fact of covering up s
omeone that
sucks. It is the simple fact that it is just plain lame. Boot his
ass, or get
him to actually do VGA!
What If.....
What if PRiMAL ENERGY, the most famous ansi ripper of all time,
was in
the scene once again, active, in a group, under another alias. Wha
t if that
What if the above What If was one huge run-on sentence full
of commas?
What if Chromatik was actually Lord Jazzs younger brother, and
LD! is
just too ashamed to admit it?
What if RaDMaN got a clue and quit devoting his entire life to
Acid? We
all know what would happen, Acid would die, oh boy--what a loss.
What if Shihear Kallizad really didnt weigh 600 pounds?
What if Legacy had never died?
What if Valiant had never died?
What if Gothic had never died?
What if Nation had never died?
What if Legend never dies?
What if you see the connection in the above What Ifs?
Unrelated Rants...
Who the heck is Aura? and why the heck did Lord Jazz join them?
Is Aphid Twix automatically included in every new acid/ice brea
group? acid/ice/GOTHIC breakoff/ice/LEGEND breakoff.
I think the scene will eventually evolve around the World Wide
with ansi ads being created for websites, and bulletin boards
dissapearing at a rapid pace. Good riddens, why call long
distance when you can get on the web for the price of your inet
Raistlin and Elminster, both wizards, both dissapeared. Connect
You be the judge of that one.
Electronic Magazines, why cant anyone make one that actually s
around? Are you people going to let Eerie show you up by
having the longest running Scene Emag? I hope not, because
UnderGrown sucked, why the hell do you think he was able to
put out 10 or so issues? Because it was the same shit over
and over again.
How come every genius that picks up a little and I stress the
little knowledge of HTML immediately creates his own web
page creation studio?
How come you are reading this right now?
Just one word, WHY?
Why do people constantly change their nicks in iRC?
Why is it when you need to do something important on
the internet, your provider goes down?
Why is it people actually believe you when you tell
them they can be a distro site for a group you
are not even in?
Why try Bud Dry?
Various Informational Shiznits...
Well as you can see, I was pretty damn lazy this month, I didn
t even
take the time to shade my logo header. But hey, do I care? NO! Th
is will just
be an slightly colored ascii text file, jeah, thats it. Hope you e
njoyed it.
I am opening it up to outside articles also, if you are interes
ted in
adding something to Cyber Data, then please do so. If you would li
ke to do an
ansi, or an article, or whatever, I will be more then happy to incl
ude it in
the text. I encourage you to do so, if you do not, I will rip your
arm off and
beat you senseless with it.
Why is this part darker then the rest? Cause I felt like
If you hadent already noticed, I am not all that involved with
ansi these days, I dunno why. It is just a little boring to me now
, although I
still enjoy the scene dont let my joking the scene make you think
because it is all in good fun, but I will get back into it soon en
ough. Right
now I am concentrating on webpage creation. I am apart of a presen
ce provider
called Arcane Online Design, along with Visigoth, that offers comme
rcial web-
page creation at a good price. Check out our page at:
And thank you for your support,
Cybernary Saga Seor Staff catch me on irc @ ice, saga, or
email me @
The End.
How can it be the end without greets?
Alright then, Greets, Greets, Greets, Greets, and more Greet
s. Blah Blah Blah.
------------ eOf --- im leet
But Wait! Theres More...
bOf2 --- bOf takes Manhattan.
And now... a nice evening at home with Deeply Disturbed and
Deeplyd im gonna have to call that silly little corner store del
ivery boy.
Deeplyd ever hear of louies medical school for the physically ch
Deeplyd im sure they would accept you.. but like when you apply,
walk with
a limp.
ellisdee- man does cybernarys ppp account sucks
Deeplyd ellis: stick me in the memberlisting.. i wont join but i
m like
playing a joke
ellisdee- deep: no
ellisdee- heh
Deeplyd im gonna be in as many memberlistings possible
Deeplyd ellis: do it you half baked jewish potato
ellisdee- deep: do a saga logo : and you got a deal
ellisdee- and put it in the pack :
Deeplyd fuck you and the whore you call your girlfriend there fr
ellisdee- deep: grateful dead got locked out of his computer, he
wont have
art this month he got caught smuggelin fireworkds aga
Deeplyd grateful dead is one silly little snow back.
Deeplyd ellis: hey.. listen up there swifty.. ill say what goes
here ok!?
if i say its 11:14 it damn well is 11:14 now shut your y
ap before
i have to flash you my nutsack.
Deeplyd you get ops if your afro exceeds 2 feet in width
Deeplyd somms has no time for the group.. hes tackleing a major
problem with tony little.
Deeplyd CYBER: This just in, deeply disturbed and shihear kalliz
ad were
spotted stealing childrens candy this halloween.
Deeplyd rumor has it, shihear wanted to prove to dd that he coul
d ingest
100 tootsy pops in 5 minutes.
Deeplyd ellis: listen stiff wad dady, im fucking with your shoes
Deeplyd be back in 2 shakes of a goats balls
Deeplyd wich coicidently is wear you approach a goat
Deeplyd coincidently even
eOferrrr wait, disclaimer time
The information above may or may not be the views of the author, if
it is, it
is, if it isnt, it isnt, and if anyone cares, then they care. It
s all in
fun, so take it as such, or maybe it is serious, maybe it isnt, may
be it is,
maybe you are in a delusion right now that you are actually reading
this, maybe
you are, maybe you are not, maybe you are sleeping, who really give
s a care????
EOF! cy
c b
------ ---, c y b e r .
d a t a
Do not be afraid, I am the First and the Last.
I am the Living One I was dead, andbehold I am s
aga alive for ever and ever!
REV 1:17,18
*...he hid me
cyb was so lazy, he made it all ascii. woohoo.