sadist info by sephiroth/dizzy
sadist info by sephiroth/dizzy
There is one certain way to get rid of your inner demons...
We would be glad to help you with that.
1999, second artpack.
Welcome to sadist2. This month we have some new members -
theese are : AllaXul Lint. AllaXul is just supportive member
but who the fuck cares...
I aint gonna write any more info about this pack, it speaks for
itself. I dont think anyone reads this anyway.
And uh yeah, merry x-mas + happy new years to you all.
Greets for this pack goes to: Grindstoner, Tmowhrekf, Retributn,
Idler and all you people guesting off course.
Heres a poem by our beloved Tmowhrekf/Orphic:
tmowhrekf du ser inte alls rdd ut
tmowhrekf ser du inte att jag r mycket starkare n vad du r
or in english
tmowhrekf you dont look scared at all
tmowhrekf cant you see that im much stronger than you
See you next pack / sephiroth.